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Record Breaking Heat Wave: Europe and US under Heat Wave Emergency

In South and West Europe, about 1,100 people have lost their lives so far.

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UNITED KINGDOM/UNITED STATES: An extreme heat wave that meteorologists call an “apocalypse” broiled much of Europe and the United Kingdom and hundreds of people died because of record high temperatures and ferocious wildfires. Britain has recorded the highest temperature i.e. 40.3°C.

According to scientists, these are indications of climate crisis and global warming. Meanwhile UK is on high alert as people are afraid to leave their homes. Educational bodies have also closed their institutions, as the heavy heat incalescence may risk lives. 

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Railway network authorities suggested not to travel until it’s necessary. The high temperatures affected airfields in Britain. London’s Luton Airport, which serves mostly low-cost airlines with flights to other countries in Europe, reported a runway defect. Earlier an airport staff asked authorities to allow for an essential runway repair after high surface temperatures caused a small section to lift.

The lives of many wildlife species are in danger, as many forests are catching fire due to this heat. According to the European Forest Fire Information System, wildlife is in extreme danger. Approximately, five people are believed to have drowned in the lakes after attempting to escape the heat flashes.

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In South and West Europe, about 1,100 people have lost their lives so far. The Met office tweeted, “If confirmed this will be the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK. Temperatures are likely to rise further through today.”

Rachel Ayers, the Meteorological office forecaster said, “There are likely to be delays on roads, with road closures, as well as possible delays and cancellations to trains and maybe issues with air travel. This could pose a significant health risk to those stuck on services or roads during the heat”

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According to the report, St. James park and Heathrow is currently experiencing 40.2°C and Coningsby is leading with 40.3°C. 

Heat wave in the US

An oppressive heat wave spread across the United States is showing no sign of slowing until at least through the weekend. Local leaders across the country have urged citizens to take extreme cautions.

The Northeast region will experience “steamy temperatures into the 90s” on Wednesday as the sweltering heat that has already descended on much of the south-central US and caused heat warnings and advisories across the region begins to spread farther north.

This major shift in the atmosphere is expected because of the extensive use of air conditioners. Americans turn on their AC anytime, even if it’s 27 °C. This high use of cooling amenities led to a high impact on the environment. About one-third of the US population is now under heat warnings. 

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