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Residents And Police Search For Murder Suspect

Residents have teamed up with police to search for local murderer.

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KENYA. Githurai, Kiambu County. The residents have teamed up with the police for the search of a local murderer. A young female’s body was found inside an empty house. The tragedy happened in the last week of June. Neighbors are working with the local police to find the culprit.

“The [victim] used to cohabit with the young man,” a source told told Transcontinental Times. The source claims overhearing a series of arguments between the two. “For the last couple of months, so many times we all could hear the two argue. Some times we all thought it is normal and they will find a way to solve it. We never expected this,” he said.

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Early morning 30 June, the residents found the house open. Upon entering the room they found the lifeless body lying on the floor. The lady appeared to have been chocked to death. “There was movement the previous night. We all thought one of them was shifting due to the disagreements,” the source said.

The landlord of the building and the police arrived on the scene. The forensic team took fingerprints, a wanted poster of the suspect was made. The residents contributed some cash collectively to aid the victim’s family. Currently, the police together with members of the community conduct nightly patrols for the suspect. “When residents come together like this, we feel mandated to do our duties. We all will catch the killer and teach him a lesson, ” the area Head of Police told Transcontinental Times.

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    • Damn ,would be nice if Kenya aired actual crime series and showed follow up on what really happended just a suggestion though.

  1. Would be good to find out if the landlord or the suspected killer’s friends have his phone number which leads to his ID number and his home village, for a start.

  2. I love this article.
    It’s very elaborative hence easy to understand..
    Thumps up Francis and The Trans continental Times, keep serving us the ☕ and I hope they find the murderer.

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