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Russia Fumes as it Accuses the US of ‘Direct Involvement’ in Ukraine Conflict

This severe allegation comes at a crucial time when Ukraine has started re-establishing its grain networks

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RUSSIA: Days after pledging to provide military assistance via “high-mobility missile systems, also known as HIMARS, as well as ammunition”, the US has been incriminated in direct participation in the “special military operation” launched by Russian forces in Ukraine on February 24.

This severe allegation comes at a crucial time when Ukraine has started re-establishing its grain networks as the first ship carrying Ukrainian grain to world markets since the Russian invasion set sail for Lebanon without problems.

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On Tuesday, the Kremlin said it responded to remarks given by Vadym Skibitsky, Ukraine’s deputy head of military intelligence, about how Kyiv used US-supplied long-range HIMARS rocket launch systems.

Skibitsky also told the UK’s prestigious Telegraph newspaper that there was some US-Ukraine intelligence interaction concerning counterattacks and that Washington had authorized an effective veto on intended targets. However, he told US officials were refraining from providing direct targeting information.

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Russia’s Defense Ministry has also expressed distrust and dissatisfaction at the US’s persistent and continued involvement in the Ukraine conflict despite repeated assertions that the US would remain out of it because it did not want to ruffle Russian feathers.

The Ministry issued a solemn statement, “It is the Biden administration that is directly responsible for all Kyiv-approved rocket attacks on residential areas and civilian infrastructure in populated areas of Donbas and other regions, which have resulted in mass deaths of civilians.”

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It also said, “All this undeniably proves that Washington, contrary to White House and Pentagon claims, is directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine.” The White House or Pentagon is yet to comment on these recent allegations.

In support of Ukraine, the US has consistently maintained that Russian forces have conveniently and specifically targeted civilian neighborhood’s, educational institutions and other grain ports to destabilize the economy from the inside out. Conversely, Russia continues to treat the conflict as a military operation and not a humanitarian crisis.

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