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Russia-Ukraine Crisis: Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelensky Pens an Emotional Open Letter to Media

In her letter, she has depicted the tragic and sorrowful status of Ukrainian citizens

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Niloy Chattaraj
Niloy Chattaraj
COO of Transcontinental Times, A double gold medalist engineer who covers social issues, science, and Indian history.

UKRAINE: In an open letter to the world media yesterday, First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelensky, has made a very emotional and charged statement on present Russia- Ukraine War. When the media asked her for an interview, she has posted her reply on her Instagram account. In her reply, she has depicted the tragic and sorrowful status of Ukrainian citizens.

In her reply, she said, “This is my testimony from Ukraine. It was impossible to believe what had happened just over a week ago. My country was peaceful, and the metropolises, cities, and villages were full of normal life. On February 24, we woke up to the announcement of the beginning of the war. The Ukrainian border crossed tanks; our space has broken planes. Missile installations have been surrounded by cities.”

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She further added, “I testify: despite the assurance of the Kremlin propagandists who call this invasion a “special operation”, (It) is the murder of civilians! It is most terrifying to read about victims among children.”

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The first lady then goes on to describe the tragic death of children which happened due to the ongoing war.

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In a mournful tone, she describes the event, “It is most terrifying to read about victims among children. About the eight-year-old Alice who died on the street of okhtyrki – Grandpa tried to cover her with his body. Or about Paulina from Kyiv, who died from the shelling with her parents ….”

She further lamented, “Our children learn lessons in the basements. And (they)are born there because maternity hospitals had to be moved underground. The first child of war, who saw not a peaceful sky, but a concrete ceiling of the basement, was born in the first day of the invasion.”

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Russia-Ukraine war is now going into the fourteenth day with two nations not willing to submit.

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