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Russia Planning Strikes Targeting Ukrainian Civilian Infrastructure: US Intelligence

According to local authorities reports, the capital city of Kyiv has banned all Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday

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RUSSIA: A US official notified on Monday that US Intelligence had tracked reports suggesting that Russia is preparing to conduct new assaults against the Ukrainian government and civilian infrastructure shortly.

The official spoke to a news agency and said, “We have information that Russia is stepping up efforts to launch strikes against Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure and government facilities in the coming days. Given Russia’s track record in Ukraine, we are concerned about the continued threat of Russian strikes on civilians and civilian infrastructure.” The official assured us that the reports had been confirmed by American intelligence.

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This week marks two major milestones for the Russia-Ukraine front. On Wednesday, Ukraine celebrates its 31 years of independence from Soviet Rule. The irony is that it also dreads the six-month mark of Russian aggression, ever since Vladimir Putin declared the “special military operation” on February 24. The conflict has escalated to a severe degree never seen before in Europe since World War II.

Russia’s continued bombardment and artillery attacks have been met with Ukrainian confrontation. Still, they have managed to ravage Ukraine soil, kill and maim thousands of Ukrainians, and mercilessly orphan innocent children, to lead to wide-scale displacement and dispossession.

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At least four persons were injured by Russian rockets fired overnight at Nikopol, Krivyi Rih and Synelnykovsky, regions all close to the nuclear plant of Zaporizhzhia, according to regional Governor Valentyn Reznichenko’s Telegram post.

Ukraine’s General Staff has also reported that Russian forces damaged the Soledar, Zaytseve, and Bilogorivka regions in the eastern Bakhmut region, deploying artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems.

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Moreover, the commander of Ukraine’s armed forces revealed that 9,000 Ukrainian soldiers have perished in the conflict with Russia.

According to local authorities reports, the capital city of Kyiv has banned all Independence Day celebrations on Wednesday, and its second-largest city of Kharkiv has imposed a curfew because of an increased risk of potential Russian attacks.

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