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“Russian Soldiers Are Being Abandoned in Ukraine,” Says World Trade Centre (Kyiv) President Henry Shterenberg

In another episode of Transcontinental Times feature Smart Entrepreneurship Decoded, Nalin Singh interviewed Henry Shterenberg, president at World Trade Centre, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Prachi Pisal
Prachi Pisal
Journalism student, covering India.

UKRAINE. Kyiv: Henry Shterenberg is now in Ukraine, and when asked about the current situation, he stated that it is about democracy and freedom, not just a country. Furthermore, he stated, “The people of Ukraine are grateful to everyone all around the world.”

“We want people throughout the world to stand up against evil. Kyiv is being bombarded, civilians are being killed, and body parts are scattered; this is a true war. 25,000 guns have been distributed to Ukrainian civilians, and everyone is ready to protect their country,” he added.

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Shterenberg praised Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, saying that the president is great and is saving the planet.

“This is the leadership that we want to see from every leader. He is a national hero, irrespective of the results the country finds. He did not give up the independence; he stood firm to people like Putin. During this time, everyone is behind him, supporting,” he added.

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Furthermore, Shterenberg stated, “As a company leader, I am learning a lot from him. I’m working hard to ensure that people all over the world understand the Ukrainian way of life. We want to put an end to the pain.”

When discussing the causes of the war, Shterenberg firmly denied the ‘genocide issue,’ but he did concede that Ukraine is a vastly diverse country.

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“It is just his grief of contravention of the former Soviet Union. He is trying to retrieve the countries that were part of former the Soviet Union. Putin is trying to control all the neighbors and wants to build an empire of Russia, which is not going to happen; the whole world is united against Russia and that is going to hit all the Russians, including innocent ones.”

“Besides, Russian soldiers have no reason to be in this war. One of our top officials asked Red Cross to send some help to pick up the bodies of Russian soldiers. Russian soldiers are being abandoned in Ukraine,” he revealed.

Shterenberg also asked people all around the world to publicly support Ukraine by taking to the streets and using social media.

He stated, “We want Ukraine to be prosperous and free. Nobody will tell Ukraine what to do. Someone like Putin should be stopped. Ukraine stands united in these adversities.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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