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S Jaishankar Gives a Befitting Reply to Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Abroad’ Remark

Jaishankar said one part of the Indian foreign policy today is extremely focused on securing the welfare of Indian citizens abroad

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INDIA: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar recently addressed the Indian diaspora in Cape Town following his participation in the BRICS foreign ministers’ meeting.  External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has reacted to the comments of Gandhi saying that there are sometimes “things bigger than politics” when one steps outside the country.

Speaking at a diaspora event in Cape Town after attending the meeting of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) foreign ministers, Jaishankar reportedly said that he can talk for himself and does not do politics while travelling abroad.

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In response, Minister Jaishankar emphasized his approach, stating, “I can only speak for myself. When I travel abroad, I make a conscious effort to refrain from engaging in politics. However, I am always prepared to engage in robust debates within our domestic framework. Rest assured, I am fully committed to expressing my opinions strongly and articulately on the home front.”

“Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that even within a democratic culture, there exists a sense of collective responsibility. We must consider the national interest and uphold a collective image, as there are matters that transcend mere politics when we represent our country overseas,” he added. 

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The esteemed diplomat added, “While I may strongly disagree with someone, I prefer to address such differences upon returning home. I invite you to observe my actions when I am back in my country.”

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi recently delivered a speech to an audience in Santa Clara, addressing concerns of discrimination in India, particularly during the tenure of the Modi-led government. Gandhi referred to Prime Minister Modi as a “specimen” in his remarks. 

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He asserted that discrimination affects various communities in India, with Muslims feeling its impact most acutely. Gandhi highlighted the need to counter hatred not with more hatred, but with love and compassion, emphasizing that Sikhs, Christians, Dalits, and tribals also experience similar sentiments.

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