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Sergio Perez Calls for Review of Red Bull’s Communications after Saudi Arabian GP

Sergio’s engineer had asked him to do a slower lap time than Verstappen

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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SAUDI ARABIA: Red Bull’s Sergio Perez has demanded a review of the communications given to himself and teammate Max Verstappen during the closing stages of the Saudi Arabian GP. 

The Mexican driver won the race by just over five seconds, with Verstappen taking second place after starting from 15th due to a driveshaft failure in qualifying. 

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The pair had spent the second half of the race trading fastest times as they pulled away from the rest of the field.

Perez had questioned the radio instruction to maintain his lap time, asking if the team had given the same to Verstappen. 

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The saga occurred around the same time that Verstappen reported feeling vibrations from his driveshaft. 

Verstappen then asked about the fastest lap, only to be told that the team was “not worried about that.” He promptly took the fastest lap point away from Perez on the very last lap.

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Perez explained afterward that he felt the team had given different information to himself and Verstappen, with the fastest lap point being the only differentiator between the two Red Bull drivers after the first two races of the championship. 

He also expressed concern about the risk that Red Bull took in allowing them to continue racing for the win until the checkered flag, given the failure of the RB19 on Saturday.

After taking the fastest lap point, Verstappen said it was a standard question to ask, given that an extra point was up for grabs. 

He added that it was quite a standard question to ask about the status of the fastest lap, especially when it was just between the two cars.

The incident highlights the importance of clear and consistent communication in motorsport. 

With so many variables to consider, any miscommunication can have significant consequences. 

Red Bull will undoubtedly look at their communication processes to ensure they are as effective as possible in the future.

The incident also illustrates the intense competition between Perez and Verstappen as they battle for supremacy within the Red Bull team. 

With both drivers pushing hard for every advantage, tensions will be high throughout the season. Fans can expect more thrilling battles between the two drivers as the championship progresses.

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