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Shailesh Khadtare: ‘We Are Publishing Dreams And Not Just e-Books’

Shailesh Khadtare’s Bronato has completed 2100 days as an eBook publisher and has published one of the best and successful authors in Marathi literature

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INDIA: E-Book publisher Shailesh Khadtare, by now, has published more than 100 eBooks. His eBooks download count has reached 1,50,000 across 43 countries.

Khadtare started working on the Idea of eBook publications in November 2014 after getting inspired by an article on the eBooks journey in the U.S.

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Introducing the concept of e-Books

Khadtare is not from an IT background hence struggled to learn the technicalities of publishing e-books from scratch.

Khadtare faced technical challenges but the lack of awareness among people of eBooks was the biggest challenge. (PDF was considered as the only form of eBook available) So for him, the challenge of making readers, writers and publishers familiar with the latest forms of eBooks was a tough task.

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As the concept of eBooks was alien to local writers, he started offering free conversion of print books to eBooks.

Fall, then rise

Khadtare learned from his mistakes quite early. Initially, he tried copying the established eBook publication pattern of the U.S. and failed massively. He lost a huge amount, time and effort, but these experiences gave him his breakthrough.

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When Khadtare realized that he is heading in the wrong direction, he decided to scrap the already made website, his business model, name and identity of his publications. He relaunched with a new name – Bronato.com.

Khadtare then changed his strategy, analysed his mistakes, kept experimenting, evolving and using digital marketing along with other business tricks.

Bronato has now completed 2100 days as an eBook publisher and has published one of the best and successful authors in Marathi literature.  

With the growth in business now Bronato provides translation, proofreading, graphics designing and even marketing assistance to their beloved authors. Khadtare also hinted that now Bronato is marching ahead towards association with local as well as global publishers. 

Khadtare says, “What makes us motivated is the feeling that we are publishing dreams and not just eBooks.” 

The industry has huge potential and now Bronato is preparing itself to explore all its potential and establish a benchmark in developing a cloud of services for indigenous writers.

Apart from being an eBook entrepreneur, Khadtare is a proud teacher in a leading private school in Mumbai.

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