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Shamshera: Ranbir Kapoor Looks Meticulously Shaggy, Became the New Age Fashion Sensation

Shamshera is all set to hit the theatres on July 22, RK's look from the movie gathered huge apprise

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INDIA: The Sanju actor is ready to deliver his much-anticipated movie ‘Shamshera’. Soon after the trailer was released, Kapoor’s look from the movie became the only talk of the town. The actor is returning to theatres after Sanju’s blockbuster release, which happened four years back. Ranbir has always been the ‘chocolate boy’ of Bollywood, with the kind of roles he chooses to play, but his upcoming movie is set to break the monotony.

His new rugged look from the movie took the Internet by storm. RK will be seen against Sanjay Dutt playing an evil, ruthless character, Shuddh Singh. Shamshera is set to release in three languages: Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, on July 22, 2022.

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According to director Karan Malhotra, “RK has worked very hard to own up to the roles of Shamshera and Balli. The idea behind making him build a particular physique for the film came from the fact that I wanted the audience to feel his internal strength and live every moment they saw him on screen. So, keeping that plan in mind, I urged Ranbir to build a body that added more strength to his character in the film.”

Adding more to his statement, he said, “The intention was never for his physique to be a distraction but an asset to his characters. And I can say very profoundly that Ranbir worked hard on making his mental and physical presence felt in both the characters; that is why he looks stunning in every frame of Shamshera and owns it with great strength”. The gym trainer Kunal Gir, who trained Ranbir during his journey in Shamshera, shared every detail of the actor’s transformation.

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He said, “The target was to make Ranbir look athletic, not too bulky as his character was like Robin Hood. We had to keep that rough and rugged appeal along with that character. So, he is athletic and strong looking”. Talking about his meals, he said: Ranbir had five meals a day. He was on a high protein and low carb diet and went through tough five days a week training! He had a cheat meal only once a week.”

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