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Shraddha Walkar Murder: Aaftab to Be Produced in Court Today

Aftab will also have to undergo the mental and psycho-assessment test

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INDIA: In a recent update on the Shraddha Walkar murder case, accused Aaftab Poonawala is to be produced in front of the Delhi court today. According to the police, the 28 years old was charged with murder for strangling his live-in partner and dismantling her body into 35- pieces. 

Shraddha Walkar with Aaftab. Photo Credit: Twitter/Priyankaa_83

As per the reports, the accused did not cooperate with the investigation team and tried to mislead them.

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Shraddha Walkar’s remaining body parts, including her skull and personal mobile phone, are still not found. Meanwhile, the cops went to Aaftab Ameen Poonawala’s flat in Delhi’s Chhatarpur, where they found blood stains in the kitchen along with surgical gloves by the window. 

The proofs were immediately sent to the laboratory for detailed information. The top priority case of Walker is taking new ‘twists and turns’ every day. During the ongoing findings, Delhi police came across a new lead that accused Poonawala had sold the mobile of his murdered girlfriend on an online portal. 

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Aftab is trying his best to conceal his crime and continuously making new stories to waste the investigators’ time. But, as per sources, the alleged murderer will have to undergo the mental and psycho-assessment test.  

In the meantime, a senior police officer stated, “The test will let us know if Aaftab is telling the truth. It will also help us understand his mental state and the nature of his brutal crime. We also want to know what his relationship with Shraddha was.”

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Recently, Aaftab admitted to his crime and said he attempted to kill his life-in partner for the longest time but couldn’t because she used to start crying. The victim’s father said they were unhappy about her daughter’s relationship with Aftab. 

They were against their daughter’s choice because of Aftab’s community. However, Shraddha stayed with her beau against her parents’ will. 

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