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Friday, February 3, 2023

Sonia Gandhi Bids Farewell to Congress Party Leadership after 22 Years

Gandhi said she is confident that Kharge will inspire the party and strengthen it under his stewardship

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INDIA: The oldest party in India, Congress, most recently chose Mallikarjun Kharge as its new successor as ex-leader Sonia Gandhi bid farewell to the party workers.

Overwhelmed by the love and respect from her party members, she said that she would remember this till her “last breath”.

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During her farewell speech, she said, “There are many challenges before our party… Even in the past, Congress has faced major threats, but the party never gave up. We have to again move with full resolve and unity and have to succeed. “

Sonia Gandhi said she is confident that Kharge will inspire the party and strengthen it under his stewardship.

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Sonia claimed that Kharge’s leadership will surely strengthen the Congress party, further calling him a grassroots leader who is rich in experience.

The entire party acknowledged Sonia Gandhi as the “epitome of sacrifice” and further extended their gratitude for her leadership.

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At the inauguration ceremony of the new Congress chief, the leader himself presented Sonia with a framed picture of her late husband and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The picture was later uploaded to the social media site, where son Rahul and daughter Priyanka wrote, “So proud of you Ma. No matter what the world says or thinks, I know, you did it all for love.”

Mallikarjun became the first non-Gandhi chief in 24 years. Bringing new hopes and a twinkle in the party’s eyes. Everyone is keeping their eyes on the newly elected chief, hoping for a change in the party’s work culture.

In the last national election, Rahul Gandhi blamed himself for the party’s failure and resigned from the presidential post. However, Sonia backed him and came to the front.

But now, the Gandhi family wanted to bring a revolutionary change in the party culture, which led to Kharge’s selection as the new party chief.

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