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Spiderman No Way Home: Spidey Rules by Joining the Hype of End Game

The film has been generating a lot of buzz among fans since the trailer was released

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Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Spider-Man: No Way Home starring Tom Holland will bring together the most awaited crossover of Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man.

Breaking Records and generating huge hype

The film has been generating a lot of buzz among fans since the trailer was released. As a result, the No Way Home trailer has surpassed the record set by Avengers: Endgame.

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This time, the hype is legitimate! Spiderman: No Way Home leads the website’s booking to crash. PVR alone sold more than 1 lakh tickets. It joins Avengers: Endgame with the highest advance ticket sales at the Indian box office.

The popularity of Spider-Man in India

The film will be released worldwide on December 17, 2021. In India, it will be released on December 16, 2021, which will be a treat for Indian fans. Since the debut of Spider-Man in 2002, India has developed a sizable fan base for the wall crawler’s saga. It’s safe to claim that this film was the sole reason for Spider-Man’s popularity in India.

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According to an article published by AWN.com (Animation World Network) “India’s two commercially owned IMAX theatres recorded the highest-grossing screens in the country for Spider-Man 2,”. The film was released simultaneously in India and the United States.

All of this occurred at a time when there was no such thing as social media and the Internet was not widely used. This sets a true example of Spidey’s influence in India.

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Which Spider-Man is the best?

Tobey Maguire

Photo Credit: Instagram

Spider-Man (2002), starring Tobey Maguire, was the first live-action adaptation to hit the big screen. Since the actor’s casting, fans had mixed feelings about him. However, when he appeared as both Peter Parker and Spidey it was difficult to imagine someone else as Spider-Man.

In the world of superheroes, his portrayal of Spider-Man was more grounded in reality. We can relate to him in every situation, whether it’s his love life or his superhero life. 

Although his organic web-shooters caused some controversy among Spiderman fans, the film has since become a cult classic among superhero enthusiasts. Thanks to its strong emotional values and Sam Raimi’s unique directing style this film was a critical and box office triumph.

Andrew Garfield

Photo Credit: Instagram

The Amazing Spider-Man made his debut just ten years after the Raimi trilogy. Andrew Garfield has been labeled as the comic accurate Peter Parker in terms of intelligence, which is supported by the fact that he creates his web-shooters.

This version of Peter Parker was considerably different from the previous one; the most famous Parker’s Luck scene, which illustrates Peter’s misfortune, was not included in the film. In Spider-Man 2, Sam Raimi has brilliantly implemented this theme.

Fans have reacted to this version with mixed feelings. However, this Spider-Man version is regarded as the best in terms of web-slinging style. The more grounded version of his Spiderman outfits, as well as his visually spectacular suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, were deemed the ideal choice for a comic book adaptation.

Tom Holland

Photo Credit: Instagram

When Spider-Man first appeared in the Captain America: Civil War trailer, every Marvel fan was astounded. This confirmed the MCU’s first appearance as a wall-crawler. Tom’s version of Peter Parker was shown as a high school nerd who balances the turbulence of social and superhuman life. He is the most comically realistic rendition of both Peter and Spidey, as he is the youngest incarnation of Spider-Man.

Few fans object to his increased reliance on Tony stark and his heavy use of high-tech stark technology. In addition, Spider-Man: Homecoming only revealed a small portion of his trademark web-swinging styles, leaving fans disappointed. For instance, uncle Ben is not featured in this rendition; instead, Tony Stark is featured as a father figure and mentor. However, most of the faults were addressed in Spider-Man: Far From Home, which serves as a massive set-up for the highly anticipated Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Each version of the film has its fan base, and all three actors have done a fantastic job in their roles. Whatever version they played, because of all their different rendition, the most awaited Spider-Man crossover is now feasible. Who knows, the next film may introduce the Spider-verse. According to the nostalgia and fan base every version of Spider-Man is the best in its own right.

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