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Spotify Crashed Prior to Taylor Swift’s “Midnight” Album Release 

This new release is Taylor Swift's tenth studio album

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UNITED STATES: American singer Taylor Swift’s new album, “Midnight,” released a new billboard with unique lyrics on Spotify. Minutes later, the site crashed promptly due to higher engagement.

Fans were exhilarated with joy post the release, but soon got disintegrated due to the music streaming giant’s failure.

As soon as the album dropped on the site, fans couldn’t hold onto their horses and bumped into it in conjunction.

Amid the site’s crash, fans started slamming the site on Twitter. A fan wrote on her Twitter handle, “Spotify broke for like a minute!!! I was in “panic mode”.

The other one raised a question on Twitter, “Can I ask you a question…? @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 How does it feel knowing you crashed Spotify? (Midnights is a superior album already).”

However, the 32-year-old pop singer is making her comeback to the music scene with 13 new tracks, making her fans groove on their toes.

As per Taylor Swift’s official announcement, the album contains the stories of “13 sleepless nights scattered throughout [her] life.”

Midnights is also chronicled as a “collection of music written in the middle of the night through terrors and sweet dreams.” This new release is Taylor’s tenth studio album.

The earlier nine albums were major hits and gathered a lot of appreciation and love from her loyalists.

Taylor Swift unveiled all the tracks for Midnights with the help of various TikTok videos. There are 13 tracks for the normal album and 16 tracks for the deluxe version.

The singing sensation Taylor Swift claims number 13 to be her lucky number, so fans are drooling over the number of tracks for Midnights, especially since the thirteenth track is titled Mastermind, stipulating it might be one of the more memorable songs on the album.

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