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Steelbird Launches SBH-40 Mamba: The Ultimate Combination of Style and Safety

The SBH-40 is a full-face helmet made from aerodynamic thermoplastic shells

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

INDIA: Steelbird, one of India’s leading helmet manufacturers, has launched its latest helmet model, the SBH-40 Mamba, which promises to deliver both style and safety. 

The new SBH-40 model, from the company’s Aeronautics series, has been designed with a funky look and is made from aerodynamic thermoplastic shells.

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The SBH-40 Mamba boasts a range of features that make it stand out from other helmets on the market. 

The helmet has a high-density EPS and a polycarbonate visor with an anti-scratch coating, which promises to protect the rider from any impact.

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The helmet is available in three sizes: medium, large, and XL, and it comes in vibrant colours and graphics, making it an excellent choice for riders who want to stand out on the road. 

The price of the SBH-40 Mamba starts at Rs. 1799 for the medium-end interior, while the helmet with a single visor and high-end interior decal starts at Rs. 2199.

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One of the standout features of the SBH-40 Mamba is its airflow ventilation system, which ensures better air ventilation throughout the helmet. This system helps keep the rider comfortable during long rides. 

The Steelbird SBH-40 Mamba also has an air tunnel in the EPS for added ventilation.

The helmet’s interior is made from high-quality materials. It comes in two versions: a medium-end replaceable interior with a comfortable fit, and a high-end replaceable interior with long cheek pads for a snug fit. 

The high-end interior also features a high-frequency tool-made wind deflector. On the other hand, the medium-end interior features a standard wind deflector.

The SBH-40 Mamba comes with a quick-release buckle that meets European standards and a quick-release visor mechanism, making it easier for the rider to wear and remove the helmet. 

The helmet is also available in two versions, one without a sun shield and the other with a drop-down inner sun shield to protect against the sun’s rays during daytime rides.

A nose protector adds an extra layer of safety to the helmet, making it a must-have for riders who prioritise their safety on the road. 

Steelbird’s latest helmet is designed to have a classy look and comes with polycarbonate and resin slips on the lateral part of the visor.

The SBH-40 Mamba promises to offer unrivalled safety standards, superior quality, effective performance, and advanced technology.

Rajeev Kapur, Managing Director of Steelbird Helmets, rightly said that helmets are essential products that save lives regardless of whether the person is a rider or a pedestrian. 

The SBH-40 Mamba is a must-have for riders who want to combine style and safety in one package.

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