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Strive for Relationship Built on Mutual Sensitivity Says EAM S. Jaishankar

Jaishankar said the world today is very globalised, extremely interlocked, and interdependent

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INDIA: Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, during a press conference in Washington, briefed on the relationship between India and China. Jaishankar said, “India strives to have a relationship with China that is built on mutual sensitivity, respect and interest.” 

He made it clear that the betterment and strengthening of the Indo-Pacific region is a shared objective of New Delhi and Washington, amid Beijing’s growth of military presence in the important region. 

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During the press interaction, Jaishaker is asked about how India and the US are aiming to handle a belligerent China to which he answered, “Where Indian and US interests converge, and they do, I think, is on the stability and the security, the progress, the prosperity, the development of the Indo Pacific. Because you have seen, even in the case of Ukraine, a war fought a great distance away, has the potential, has the capability of actually creating turbulence across the world in terms of implications for the daily lives of people.”

According to the Jaishankar, the World today has become more globalised, extremely interlocked, and interdependent.

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 “It is therefore to say that we have skin in the game is an understatement. I think we have vital stakes today in ensuring that the larger region is stable, that it is secured; that there is cooperation and that the focus is on the right things,” he added 

“To my view, what we have seen in recent years is an India whose interests and inclinations extend sufficiently eastwards into the Pacific and the United States and which is open enough to work flexibly and comfortably with partners going beyond the orthodox limitations in the past of treaties and alliances,” said the minister.

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Jaishankar further went on to praise each country for their continuing conscious efforts for bringing peace into the world, “To me, in a globalised world, countries are conscious today that the world is not unipolar, it’s not bipolar, they need there to be multiple players, they need to work together, there are common interests at stake out here.”

“The rest of the region looks at the more capable countries to pull their weight and work together. I think that’s the kind of situation.”

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