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Sunflower Review: A Murder Mystery Thriller Turned Into A Mixed Bag Of Errors

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Vikas Bahal popularly known for his brilliant direction in movies like Queen and Super 30 makes his debut in OTT platform with a Crime Thriller Sunflower which is currently streaming on Zee5. Circulating around the murder that occurs in middle class housing society of the same name. The corpse mystery is kindled by the police which includes police officers Digendra (played by Ranvir Shorey) and Chetan Tambe (played by Girish Kulkarni).

Cool and edgy title which later become spindle of so many parallels. Set in a typical web series universe where everything seems to be twisted according to the writers will. Story revolves around the Sunflower society (situated in Mumbai) and its members which includes Sonu Singh (played by Sunil Grover).

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The series pickups with a jump start introducing a murder and later revealing the murderer in the beginning. This somehow provokes the audience to gather the interest which is must needed. Police investigation throttling the scenario engages the viewers but only question in every viewers mind is, can the police catch the killer?

In this world of Sunflower everyone is a suspect. The centre of all suspect is Sonu Singh, a dullard and loquacious on the surface unknown from the inside. The situational errors in his life adds the spice to this story. These error binds him in the web of lies as the plot progresses.

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The show carriers a major part as comedy and mystery which is sometimes enhanced by its background music and the screenplay. The first shot of the scene, where it can be observed that a camera is attached to a cycle which is carrying coconut and slowly progressing towards the pin point. Sunflower later introduces the viewers with the murder mystery while the music is playing in the background. All this is in continuation shows the true potential of the series. The story build up in the beginning increases the curiosity of the viewers. But as the series advances towards the end, the curiosity is somehow killed by too many parallel storylines.

The comedy aspect of the show is entertaining and full of laughter. The police station scene involving Chetan Tambe and Sonu Singh are pure comedy. The excessive pen downed comedy scenes and dialogues creates a cringe moment. The same can be mentioned about the Sonu Singh and his pants scenario, the creators were trying to use it as a situational comedy but failed miserably. The police investigation later in the series look like a clowns play, it’s like the creators were intentionally introducing such situations to drag the series for the setup of the second season.

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The series holds its strong aspect in terms of great performances by its highly talented cast. Sunil Grover’s Sonu Singh creates some perfect dose of laughter for the viewers. His motor-mouth in some situation might made audience feel pity for the character. Suffering from Obsessive-compulsive disorder adds another layer to the character build up. Girish Kulkarni’s Chetan Tambe gives the completely quirky policeman with lots of love scenes in unexpected locations. Ranvir Shorey’s Digendra plays a phenomenal job but due to less screen time it may not quite impress the viewers. The true potential of Ranvir Shorey is not utilized in the show. Ashish Vidhyarti’s Dilip Iyer is another cliché character commonly seen in every series and Bollywood movies. Mukul Chadda’s Mr. Ahuja is set on a twisted scenarios which fails to connect with the audiences. Radha Bhatt’s Mrs. Ahuja is a supportive wife flipped till the end of the show. Saloni Khanna as Achal plays the role of love interest of Sonu Singh, which is common for all the office centered love stories. All the characters played by the respected cast is a visual treat to the audience but loses their meaning due to stretched and misguided storyline.

This dark comedy mystery thriller with great performances in addition to plot losing its potential by the end of the show is suited for the critics and one time watch for the masses.


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