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Saturday, June 3, 2023
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NASA Warns of Three Approaching Asteroids: 2023 JL1, 2023 JO1, and 2023 JD2

UNITED STATES: NASA has issued advisories regarding three asteroids: 2023 JL1, 2023 JO1, and 2023 JD2. The former, which is 46 feet in diameter and...

Scientists Believe That Asteroids Might Be the Reason for Abundant Water Sources on Earth

JAPAN: Every living thing on Earth depends heavily on water, without water, there is no life. Water was known to have been on Earth when...

Beware: Two Back-to-Back Asteroids to Zoom Past Earth

UNITED STATES: We always get goosebumps when we hear about an asteroid passing by the Earth. Another enormous space rock promptly follows the thought...

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