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Friday, June 2, 2023
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Curiosity rover

The Curiosity Rover Finds Prominent Evidence of Water on Mars

UNITED STATES: The Curiosity rover, which has been trundling across Mars' surface for more than ten years, has made an incredible revelation. Where experts believed...

Curiosity’s Discovery of Opals on Mars Suggests Water Once Flowed on The Red Planet

ITALY: NASA's Curiosity Mars rover, which is currently exploring the Gale Crater on Mars, had sent data from its DAN (Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons) spectrometer....

Curiosity Rover Reaches Mars’ Astonishing Salty Region

UNITED STATES: NASA's Curiosity rover trekked through the narrow and sandy Paraitepuy Pass on Mars to reach the long-sought-after region of Mount Sharp. The region...

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Completes 10 Long Years on the Red Planet

UNITED STATES: Any space explorer who hopes to leave the planet and cross its orbit has long had Mars as their final destination. However, long...

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