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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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human rights

Women’s Equality Day Event Cancelled Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

UNITED STATES. Women’s Equality Day is observed every year on 26 August. This event is widely known as an anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment...

True Democracy: A Shared Goal Among People From Across Thailand

THAILAND. Bangkok. “Dictatorship shall fall, democracy shall rise,” a phrase over 15,000 pro-democracy demonstrators chanted throughout an anti-government rally at Democracy Monument on 16...

Two Key Protesters Arrested, Released On Bail While 31 More Are Targeted

THAILAND. Bangkok. In a democratic country, citizens are free to express their dissents, but in a democratic country under a military-drafted constitution, things are...

Students Take Control Of Their Future Amid An Outdated Education System

THAILAND. Bangkok. Most of the time when students speak out and advocate for their rights, adults tell them to go home and focus on...

Democracy And Gender Equality For LGBT Community

THAILAND. Bangkok. Thai LGBT activists led a protest of all ages and genders in demanding the government to step down, echoing Free Youth’s protest...

Students Pride Parade Against Discriminatory Rules, Curriculum, Treatments In Schools

THAILAND. Bangkok. Student rights activists hosted the first pride parade in the country to demand rights for their fellow LGBTQ+ students while the permanent-secretary...

Executed Serial Killer Cremated After 60 Years of Preservation

THAILAND. Nonthaburi. Executed serial killer was cremated on 23 July at Bang Phraek Tai Temple, after 60 years of preservation. In 1959, Si Quey,...

The Inter-clan Misery In Kenya

Violent clashes continue in Kenyan Rift Valley

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