Thursday, December 2, 2021
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What Is Christianity in Zimbabwe?

ZIMBABWE: Zimbabwe's 2018 elections has seen more than 20 opposition parties contesting for the presidency.Some of the Contestants separated from other parties and formed...

Zambian Catholic Bishop Dies Of COVID-19

ZAMBIA. Lusaka: Zambian Archbishop, Moses Hamungole of the Roman Catholic Church has become the first high profile figure of the church to die of...

Bill Proposes That Couples Undergo Medical Examination Prior To Marriage

NIGERIA. Niger State: Various stakeholders in Niger state have applauded the move by the Niger State House of Assembly to propose a bill for...

Serial Bomb Blasts In Pakistan Kill 7 Children, Wounds 109

PAKISTAN. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshwar: After the Quetta bomb blast incident, Pakistan faced another bomb blast in Peshawar. The explosion ripped through a religious school...

Turning Religious Waste Into Reusable Organic Products

Floral and green wastes from temples, wedding functions, celebrations, and bouquets are creating an environmental menace all over the world. A solution is suggested by turning them into reusable material.

Religion Struggles To Find Middle Ground During Traditional August Rituals

ZIMBABWE. Harare. Under normal circumstances, many religious organizations in Zimbabwe hold ceremonies in the month of August. This is a time in which the country...

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