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Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Terrorist Attack Kills Two Policemen in Srinagar

INDIA. Jammu and Kashmir: Terrorists killed two policemen and injured 12 others in a deadly bus attack in Kashmir. According to the reports, the...

Pakistan is the Biggest Supporter of Terrorism, Masquerading as A Victim: Counselor/Legal Adviser Dr. Kajal Bhat at UNGA

UNITED STATES: Counselor/Legal Adviser Dr. Kajal Bhat emphasized the fight against terrorism as it continues on a global scale. Bhat called Pakistan the biggest...

Super Tucano Will Combat All Forms of Terrorism In Nigeria– U.S. Govt

NIGERIA: The Nigeria government has ordered the purchase of six A-29 Super Tucano aircraft in the United States. The U.S. government said that the arrival...

American Combat Forces To Leave Iraq By End Of Year

U.S. forces in Iraq will be dealing with being available to continue to train and assist Iraqi military. Photo Credit: Twitter

Sudan Compensates The US For Kenya, Tanzania Embassy Bombings

SUDAN. Khartoum: The United States on March 31st said it had received $335m from Sudan for compensation for victims of the 1998 bombings of...

Militant Group Calls For Attacks On French And US Interests In Djibouti

DJIBOUTI. Djibouti City: Leader of Alshabaab militant group Ahmed Diriye had called for attacks on French and American interests in Djibouti on March 27. In...

Bomb Blast Kills Religious Scholar In Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN. Takhar: Mawlawi Abdul Samad Mohammadi, head of Takhar Ulema Council, was killed and three others were wounded this afternoon in a magnetic bomb...

India Accused Of Attack On Stock Exchange

PAKISTAN. Islamabad. Pakistan sees India’s hands behind the terrorist attack that took place on Monday 29 June in the country’s business epicenter, the Pakistan...

4 Killed As Ambush On Pakistan Stock Exchange Foiled

PAKISTAN. Karachi: An attack on the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was thwarted as four-armed terrorists were neutralized as soon as they tried to...

The Philippines Anti-Terrorism Bill, Risk for Rights and Freedom

President Rodrigo Duterte calls to certify the House Bill 6875 as urgent. The Philippine President wants a stronger policy against terrorism. Citizens and different sectors feared that this bill will risk the rights and freedom of the Filipino people.

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