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‘Tumsar Farmer Producer Company’ Ignites a Revolution in Agriculture with Organic Farming

INDIA: Every natural action is now nearly based on chemical exposure as per modern-day norms. The agriculture industry of India has to face this...

Work Of A Village Humanitarian Receives National And International Attention

Jay acknowledged by villagers for his outstanding social work.

How Mentoring Took One Boy From Fighting In The Streets To A Career Of Keeping Them Safe

INDIA. Tumsar, Maharashtra. A Police Sub-Inspector (PSI) by profession, Arvind Jagne is an example of how determination and finding a mentor can transform...

Indian Advocate Improves Lives Of Local Villagers

INDIA. Tumsar, Maharashtra. A senior advocate by profession, Sudeep Saxena has improved the lives of local villagers. Born into a family of advocates and judges,...

Humanitarian Saw Spark In Young Children Of Dawezari

INDIA. Tumsar, Maharashtra. In June 2016, 24-year-old Jay Nilkanth More, a software engineer came to Dawezari, a small agrarian (Adivasi) village in Bhandara district,...

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