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Ethics is the Basis of Our Contribution to the World, Says Sudhanshu Thakur

Sudhanshu believes that the Indian talent pool will contribute most effectively in the future

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Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ 360° Live Talk Show featured Indian Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Sudhanshu Thakur. Besides engineering, Sudhanshu holds a position as Industrial Sales Professional in the I.T industry. He defined the value of passion and worked with numerous global corporations in India for more than a decade in the I.T business. Additionally, he is passionate about business consulting and sales.

Sudhanshu expresses his gratitude to Transcontinental Times, quoting, “It’s always an honour to join your team who are working magnificently to bring out new guests and fresh ideas in attempting to deliver a message to society.”

The impact of corporate individuals on the world

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Sudhanshu narrates his desire to join the I.T sector, asserting, “I was born and raised in the power capital of India where I had regularly seen 14 coal mines and 9 power plants, but the I.T industry was nowhere there.” I commenced with MS-DOS programming when computer education first became available in India, but I never imagined that I would enter the field or even see the wider picture of computer science or the I.T industry as I do now.” 

“I basically began my career as an electrical engineer, but I soon realised that I had to join the I.T industry as the market and the rest of the world developed toward the I.T revolution,” he added.

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While discussing the corporate person’s factor in boosting the world, Sudhansu remarks, “We all have some responsibilities towards society in this global environment today and we see a lot of convergence of information platforms and everybody is trying to contribute in their own ways.”

“Given the current global unrest brought on by COVID and the numerous wars we have witnessed outside, we must do ethical business.” “As a corporate citizen, I believe that the foundation of how we may contribute back to the world is ethics,” he continued.

India’s importance in global technology

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Sudhanshu spotlights the Indian importance in contributing to global technology, adding, “We have been contributing to the global tech space a lot right now, but I feel that the future wants more from us.” We are one of the most populated countries in the world, and when I say population, it is not only the physical population but the tech-enabled population.” 

“Given the proper platform that we currently have, we have seen policies, a worldwide push, and global collaboration emerging that are providing the ideal platform for the right individuals to display their skill set and then contribute more. I believe that India is a promising market, and I am confident that the Indian talent pool will contribute most effectively in the future since they are always learning new skills,” he remarked.

Sudhanshu addresses the youth, quoting, “Never be afraid to pursue your dreams. If you have any ideas, go to the correct forum and publish papers.” The world is being saturated nowadays, whether it be the business model or the products that are developed. Therefore, try something fresh at a pilot scale, even if it is small. Take part in international business forums, put your ideas forward, be inventive, and attempt to do something new.”

Watch the whole interview here:

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