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The Technological Impact on Youth Skyrocketed Their Knowledge of Real Estate, Says Ankush Asabe

After working for a real estate developer for several years, Ankush began his career as a contractor

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ show, “Smart Entrepreneurship Decoded” featured Ankush Asabe, Chairman and Managing Director at Venkatesh Buildcon. The most prominent entrepreneur in the industry is a man who claims to be the first 10th grader in his family to study civil engineering in a tiny town. His company is currently one of the biggest real estate developers in Pune, one of India’s fastest-growing cities.

Ankush’s journey evolves as a victorious path that positions him as a symbol for youth

There are many stories of billionaires in the Western world, but they are their stories. India, a place of diversity and culture, has incredible, extraordinary stories of achievement that need to be told and revised to serve as a role model for the youth.

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Ankush’s lineup dates back to his youth in the 1990s, the golden age of every child’s fantasy. Though it was an excellent age for youngsters, the zero-budget program caused a stir in the civil engineering community. At the time, the private real estate market was the focus of all attention, which prompted him to travel to Mumbai. After working for a real estate developer for several years, he began his career as a contractor. Later, he returned to Pune, where, in the year 2000, he established himself as a full-fledged real estate developer in various regions of his hometown.

Describing the commencement of his professional career, Ankush states, “after 93 started globalization, every day I came into a different sector, businesses started thriving.” “I must emphasize that the rate of interest or finance was quite challenging for real estate developers at that time, and a lot of developers were dependent on private finance,” he recalls, citing his experience. However, since the year 2000, when lenders began to assist the real estate sector, home loans have become more affordable, and the government has stepped in to help with housing shelters. Finance is pretty easy nowadays, but it was difficult back then.

Reputation and trustworthiness act as crucial parts of real estate

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“A lot from a real estate developer is as excellent as the minimum passing mark you want, 35 miles or 40 miles for any passing exams,” Ankush asserts of his profession’s reputation and trustworthiness. Whichever customer has put your name or project in, that is the minimal thing, which isn’t stringent.”

“Previous developers failed to properly cover the booking money.” Due to the government’s enactment of this law, many customers have withdrawn from this project. Nowadays, buyers believe that their money is safe in custody and that the government and other authorities are looking after them. “These days, real estate buyers have a lot of trust,” he remarked.

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Many people’s lives were affected by the pandemic, including Ankush’s real estate firm; as he explains, “Actually, before the pandemic, the sizes of the residences were quite less, people were looking after.” But now that everyone is looking for an extra room for working from home, spare space, or a study room for their children, the demand for larger homes has increased.”

Regarding the impact of technical issues in real estate, Ankush believes that purchasers have become a valuable source of information in recent years. He feels that today’s buyers are well-versed in the industry from head to toe.

“I can say that the buyer has become so knowledgeable and informed that he knows everything about real estate.” He knows everything because of his exposure to the I.T. industry,” he continued.

“The younger generation, due to the technical data, knows everything that is the pinpoint for estate business, including the possibilities and the opportunities,” he concluded.

Watch the whole interview here:

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