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Team India’s Unwillingness To Play In Brisbane

The highly placed sources in the BCCI told the media source that the board is contemplating to discuss this with Cricket Australia

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Niloy Chattaraj
Niloy Chattaraj
COO of Transcontinental Times, A double gold medalist engineer who covers social issues, science, and Indian history.

INDIA: Board of Cricket Control in India (BCCI) wants more relaxed rules for the fourth and final test in Brisbane of the current India vs Australia Vodafone Border Gavaskar Trophy. The highly placed sources in the BCCI told the media source that the board is contemplating to discuss this with Cricket Australia (CA).

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If CA intends to allow the visiting team the same privileges as citizens of Australia, then it must provide the same in black and white. This will ensure that the whole team does not undergo any kind of ‘isolation’ for the entire duration in Brisbane.

Australian minister’s tweet

Ros Bates, who is Queensland’s shadow minister for Health and Ambulance Services, tweeted earlier that “If the Indians do not play by the rules, don’t come.” Later state sports minister Tim Mander underlined the topic and said,” If the Indian team wants to spit the dummy and disregard quarantine guidelines in Brisbane for the fourth Test, then they shouldn’t come.”

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Ros Bates’ tweet

The Indian team has not taken these comments well and insists that each rule set in place has been followed rigorously. Sources close to the Indian team said, “Team India is being made to look like all they have done after landing in Australia, is broken rules.”

Will team India play the last test?

When the team first landed in Australia, the whole team had undergone a rigorous 14-day quarantine. Rohit Sharma too went to quarantine for the same period when he landed last month. CA had committed that after the completion of 14 days quarantine period, team India would not be subjected to any such isolation again.

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“Now, it’s between mayors of Queensland or the monarchs, it’s not India’s headache. If Brisbane has rules that require the team to undergo any sort of quarantine once again, then the fourth test has to either be held in Sydney or curtail this into a three-test series,” sources said.

The team India, who have many injured key players, are petrified at the thought of another isolation. They don’t like to be treated as” caged pigeons” who have been invited to “perform and entertain”.

It is learnt that top officials of BCCI discussed the matter on Tuesday afternoon and are preparing their groundwork to speak to CA on the matter.


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