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Tech Major Companies Employ the Highest Number of Women

Women make up about 25% of the IT workforce, as stated by the NCWIT

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA: Women are employed in the greatest number by major tech companies. In the modern world, computer science still falls primarily under the purview of men. But current patterns indicate that this is about to change.

Women make up 32.9% of the workforce overall. The NCWIT (National Center for Women & Information Technology) estimates that women make up roughly 25% of the IT workforce. Since the advent of computing and problem-solving, women have had a tangible relationship with technology. 

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These data on women in high tech indicate that women have recently been given more representation at tech conferences. There is still a long way to go, though.

In the “big tech” industry, women make up about 24% of the workforce. This derives from the fact that roughly 24% of tech positions in the GAFAM companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft) are occupied by women.

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The statistics on women in science and technology are positive; girls are overwhelmingly interested in STEM. The girls were polled to gauge their degree of interest in the field, and their responses ranged from “somewhat” to “very” interested in fields like science, math, and engineering, as well as professions in the tech sector.

Among the GAFAM companies, Amazon has the highest percentage of female employees, at 45%. However, they don’t provide statistics on how many are working in the tech sector, with about 29% of senior positions at Amazon being occupied by women.

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Google had the highest proportion of women in tech roles (25%) among GAFAM enterprises, despite ranking second in both overall employment of women (33%) and women in leadership positions (28%). 

Apple gets a little bit more diversity among its employees each year. Female employees made up 31.4% of the workforce in 2021, an increase of 6% from 2020. We eagerly await the statistics from 2022!

As per a Hurun report, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) is the largest employer of women among the 500 most valuable companies, with more than 210,000 female employees.

Despite this, based on the 2022 Burgundy Private Hurun India 500 study, only 35% of the staff of India’s top IT businesses comprises women. Between FY21 and FY22, TCS reportedly hired 27,055 new female employees.

TCS is the second-most valuable business on the list, with a valuation of 11,68,390 crore, despite losing 10% of its worth over the past year. With a workforce of 5,92,195, TCS also has the greatest number of employees.

Regarding the proportion of women employees, other IT majors like Infosys, Wipro, and HCL Technologies were placed second, third, and fourth, respectively, on the list.

Infosys, with 1,244,988 women employees, or 40% of the total workforce, holds the second-place position in terms of the number of female employees, and Wipro, with 88,946 female employees, or 36% of its total workforce, stands at the third-place position. 

Moreover, with 62780 female employees, or 28% of its total employees, HCL Technologies holds fourth place.

Other tech behemoths are also welcoming females in the IT sector; Tech Mahindra has 42,774 female employees or around 34% of its total workforce. ICICI Bank has 32,697 female workers, which is 31% of the total workforce.

Interestingly, Page Industries, a manufacturer of socks and undergarments, employs the most women out of all the businesses on the list. Page Industries has offered 74% of its workforce to women, with a total of 22,631 female workers.

With 41% and 40% of their workforce, respectively, Motherson Sumi Systems and large IT company Infosys have the highest percentage of women after Page Industries.

Reliance Industries, which the report names as India’s most valuable firm, has only 18% female employees overall, with a total of 62,560 female workers, and hired 22,620 new female employees in the previous year.

The survey estimates that over 11.6 lakh women are employed by the 500 organisations on the list as a whole. The study, released on December 1, 2022 included a list of the top-performing Indian businesses, ranging in age from a 234-year-old sugar and nutraceutical company to a one-year-old startup.

Based on the estimation of the study, 7.3 million people are employed by the 500 companies, with 137 having more than 10,000 workers and 103 having fewer than 1,000.

The listed companies added almost 3.9 lakh new positions over the last 12 months. 664 female directors have been appointed to the boards of each of the 500 listed businesses. Out of all the firms, Apollo Hospitals has the most female directors.

Hopefully, more and more girls will bravely pursue STEM careers in the near future. And we must acknowledge the achievements made by women in STEM, which are truly amazing! 

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