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The Batman: Paul Dano to Inscribe on the Prequel Comic Which Will Showcase the Origin of Riddler

The announcement was made official with the teaser artwork, which depicts Riddler framed glasses lying on a table full of documents

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Batman, starring Robert Pattinson, was released in theatres on March 4, 2022. Since then, it has sparked a lot of interest in the Cape Crusader’s universe, leading to the revelation of many TV spinoffs. Now, DC Comics has announced another spinoff, which will be a comic focusing on the Riddler’s origins, written by Paul Dano, who portrayed the same role in the film.

Stevan Subic, a well-known European illustrator, will potentially create the comic that will be released in October 2022. It will focus on the Riddler’s origins by depicting his journey and how he was considered a nobody, Edward Nashton, an accountant in Gotham City. The latter became the infamous Batman nemesis that almost shocked the system with his anarchist mindset.

The official Twitter handle of Batman made the announcement with a teaser artwork

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The artwork was shared on The Batman’s official Twitter account, along with a lengthy caption that reads, “A new Riddler comic book hits stores this October with “Riddler: Year One”. Written by Paul Dano, unmask your first look here and see #TheBatman only in theatres now.

The announcement was made official with the teaser artwork, which depicts Riddler framed glasses lying on a table full of documents. The glasses’ magnifying effect focuses on the “Riddler Year One” written on the documents. The artwork style is ideal for Reeves’ adaptation of the film.

The Batman triumphs at the box office

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Matt Reeve’s The Batman currently has a $500 million box office lead ahead of its third weekend in US theatres and international premieres. The film was made on a budget of $185-$200 million, and based on box office receipts, it is on track to earn a respectable sum among DC films. Even though it is the first DC film to be released this year, it has been a strong start for the WB studios.


It’s been two years since Bruce Wayne became Gotham’s dark knight, whose sole desire is to rid the city of criminals. His persona as Batman frightens the vindictive goons. The narrative transitions when the Riddler begins to murder Gotham’s famous personals and each victim carries a cryptic clue to the subsequent murder.

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This pits Batman and Lieutenant James Gordon against the enigmatic Riddler’s serial killings. Struck by the cryptic clue and the heinous methods of the Riddler’s crime, it’s up to Batman to end the Riddler’s anarchist mindset.

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