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The Bhandara Police Story: Spearheading Crime Control Efforts and Ensuring Public Safety

This series of articles aims to explore the various measures implemented by the Bhandara Police to control crime and highlight their remarkable achievements

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Niloy Chattaraj
Niloy Chattaraj
COO of Transcontinental Times, A double gold medalist engineer who covers social issues, science, and Indian history.

INDIA. Maharashtra. Bhandara: Law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in upholding peace, order, and safety within a community. The Bhandara Police have exemplified their dedication and effectiveness in controlling crime in the district. Under the guidance of Superintendent of Police (SP) Lohit Mathani, the Bhandara Police have successfully created a secure environment for the residents of Bhandara through their relentless efforts, strategic initiatives, and community engagement. 

This series of articles aims to explore the various measures implemented by the Bhandara Police to control crime and highlight their remarkable achievements, as supported by data presented to Transcontinental Times.

Police data

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According to police data, the Bhandara Police have registered 95.45% of cases this year. Out of a total of 330 reported cases in May 2023, 315 have been charge-sheeted. Comparatively, last year, 414 cases were reported in the same month, with 376 cases being detected and charge-sheeted (90.82%). 

The overall conviction rate for this year shows a positive sign, with a 4.1% increase compared to the previous year, reaching 29.14%. Notably, there has been a remarkable improvement in the conviction rate in the session court, which is 11.64% higher than the previous year. These statistics show that the entire team under SP Lohit Mathani’s leadership significantly improved the law and order situation in the Bhandara district.

Community policing: Building trust and collaboration

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The Bhandara Police recognize the importance of community involvement in preventing crime. They actively promote the concept of community policing, which focuses on establishing strong relationships between law enforcement and the public.

By fostering trust and collaboration, the police have successfully encouraged citizens to report crimes, share information, and actively participate in crime prevention initiatives.

IPS Lohit Mathani giving a speech. Photo Credit: TCT staff
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An innovative step taken by the Bhandara Police is the implementation of the Visitor Management System (VMS) in the SP office, SDPO offices, and all police stations in the district. This system ensures that when a complainant enters a police station or a superior office, their entry is recorded with proper details of identity, date, and time. Once a slip is generated, the officer in charge of the superior office adds their remarks regarding the action to be taken.

Upon the complainant’s departure from the police station or superior office, the actions taken on their complaint are documented in the system, including the exit time. This system provides insights into the total time spent by the complainant at the police station. According to the citizen’s charter, a complainant should not be made to wait for more than 45 minutes for tasks such as applying for passport verification or any other police-related matter, and not more than 1.5 hours for the registration of an FIR. 

Additionally, the system maintains a visitor history log, recording the purpose of previous visits and the instructions given to address their grievances, along with the actions taken.

Effective investigation and prosecution

The Bhandara Police have demonstrated their commitment to thorough investigation and diligent prosecution. They have established specialized crime units to handle complex cases and ensure justice is served. Through meticulous evidence collection, the application of modern forensic techniques, and collaboration with forensic laboratories, the police have significantly improved the success rate of investigations and convictions.

Lohit Mathani
IPS Lohit Mathani. Photo Credit: TCT staff

When asked about the utilization of forensic techniques, SP Lohit Mathani, an engineering graduate from IIT-BHU, stated, “Yes, we have trained four personnel for forensic evidence collection and two for digital evidence collection. They employ modern methods and technologies when collecting evidence, particularly for important crimes, by visiting the crime scenes.”

Moreover, the Bhandara Police prioritize the professional development of their officers. Training programs on advanced investigative techniques, evidence handling, and modern technology equip them with the necessary skills to effectively combat emerging crime trends.

When inquired about training programs for police personnel, SP Mathani informed Transcontinental Times, “Yes, we regularly organize refresher courses (in-service courses) for our officers and personnel every fifteen days. These courses employ a hybrid model of lecture delivery and online video content, drawing from the study material provided by Maharashtra Police Academy. We have revamped the regular training curriculum in Bhandara District.”

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