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‘The Coop’ Provides Reprieve During COVID-19 And Options For Working Parents

Coworking space helps to fill niche during COVID-19 work adjustments

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UNITED STATES. Las Vegas. Local commercial real estate executive Dana Berggren needed to find an office space that fit her specific needs when she decided to open her own brokerage firm.

When she started Berggren Commercial Real Estate in April 2014, she primarily worked in downtown Las Vegas, but worked from home more and more.

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With two kids in school, she also wanted to stay close to them and take advantage of the chance to attend events there. That worked for a few years but it just wasn’t an ideal way to run a new business, she recalled.

She sought a better option, preferably in the Summerlin area. Surprisingly, Berggren discovered that the type of office option she was looking for didn’t exist there.

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That established the groundwork for ‘The Coop, an executive suite-style office space that provides small business owners and remote workers the opportunity to work more efficiently while also sharing amenities and services.

It opened in March 2017 and offers a variety of flexible memberships.

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Mission statement

“Our main goal is to establish an atmosphere of community, connectivity and collaboration,” Berggren said. “Once people join and are part of a community like this, it’s just mentally rewarding to be around other business people. There are always fun discussions over the coffee pot, and it often produces leads and connections that benefit them in the long run.”

The Coop has seen a gradual uptick in business since COVID-19 caused many offices to close temporarily and forced people to work remotely.

Berggren notes that The Coop is an ideal space for many business people.

“We really saw things start to change around mid-March,” she said. “It took people a little while to get a handle on just what was going on in their respective company and how it affected them work wise.

“Traditional office people now had to work from home. That takes some adjustments, whether it’s because of distractions from kids at home, a spouse, partner or roommate or pets.”

The sky is the limit

Prior to the pandemic, events and guest speakers were a regular occurrence, and Berggren looks forward to the time The Coop can host talented local speakers again.

As just another way Berggren aims to support the community, The Coop brews coffee from local roasters–including  Sambalatte, Desert Wind, Frankly Good, Mothership, Chakana, Vesta, Yaw Farm and Take It Easy brands – to help give them name and brand recognition and positive exposure.

Berggren expects business to pick up even more with a new academic year starting, especially with virtual learning planned for now. “I’m seeing an uptick in virtual offices, private offices and conference room rentals.  The sky is the limit for us for memberships,” Berggren noted. “Like a gym, not everyone is going to be here at the same time. We are flexible and want people to know about the spirit of a coworking space.”


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