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CD Projekt Red Unveiled Three New Witcher Titles and a Cyberpunk Sequel 

CD Projekt Red also announced a brand-new IP codename ‘’Hadar’’

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: CD Projekt Red surprised the gamers with a major update on the upcoming games. The studio has announced three Witcher games. The developers also shared the announcement of a new Cyberpunk game. 

The new Cyberpunk and Witcher game announcement landed as a total surprise

The official Twitter Handle of CD Projekt Red unveiled the news. The tweet read, ‘’Polaris is a codename for the next installment in The Witcher series of games, which we recently announced was in pre-production. It is the beginning of a new saga: we aim to release two more Witcher games after Polaris, creating a new AAA RPG trilogy.’’

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According to the tweet, a new Witcher game is in development; the title is codenamed ‘’Polaris’’. The makers also revealed two continuations to the game will also be released, forming a new AAA trilogy. In addition, the developers also shared another new title, ‘’Canis Majoris’’ separate from the Polaris Witcher trilogy. A different studio will develop the game. 

Besides Polaris and Canis Majoris, another game codename ‘’Sirus’’ is also in development. The game will be set in the Witcher universe, which will offer multiplayer gameplay. The game will also allow players to join in single-player story mode. 

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CD Projekt Red also tweeted, ‘’Orion is a codename for our next Cyberpunk game, which will take the Cyberpunk franchise further and continue harnessing the potential of this dark future universe.’’

The new Cyberpunk game is codenamed ‘’Orion’’ which will take place in the same universe as its predecessors. The game will explore the high-tech universe brimming with advanced weaponry and intriguing characters. Besides the new announcement, Cyberpunk 2077 also received a game expansion titled ‘’Phantom Liberty.’’

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The studio also added, ‘’Hadar is a codename for a third, entirely distinct IP, created from scratch within CDPR. The project is in the earliest stages of the creative process, which means we are not developing any game yet, but working exclusively on the foundation for this new setting.’’

The developers also announced a brand-new IP codename ‘’Hadar’’. The theme of the title is yet to be revealed, but the makers are currently working on its foundation. 

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