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Top 5 Films: Best Hollywood Movies Released in 2022

Witness the best of Hollywood films released in 2022

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Gear up your seat belts! 2022 has been a rollercoaster for Hollywood delivering the finest film to the worst. Marvel and DC had also unleashed their films at the beginning of the year, adding to the superhero repertoire. Some of the biggest and most highly awaited titles from the film industry also arrived with a bang this year. 

The holiday season has brought icing on the cake with New Year’s arrival. At such times all you need is your favourite snack along with a binge-watch list. So, Transcontinental Times picks the top 5 Hollywood films, which surely encases high rewatch values. 

Best Hollywood Films of 2022

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5. Bullet Train 

Photo Credit: Twitter/BulletTrain

Brad Pitt’s actioner journey on a Bullet Train brimming with deadly assassins ranks on the 5th spot on our list. The action-comedy feature from Hollywood puts a multi-starrer ensemble (Aaron Taylor Johnson to Sandra Bullock) on a high-speed train. What follows next is a crazy rollercoaster ride filled with comedic punches and heavy violence from guns to katana ripping and slicing each scene. 

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Every character has its own story that provides a literal comic book vibe. Each scene’s arrival on screen, the story elements serves mystery on the plate seasoned with a masala (obviously a lot of action). David Leitch’s directorial Bullet Train is a perfect pack of entertainment carrying action, comedy, mystery, and a gripping story that doesn’t bore you even for a second. 

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

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4. Barbarian

Photo Credit: Instagram/zcregger

Zach Cregger’s Barbarian is a surprise treat for horror lovers. The best way to view the spine-chilling and gory thriller is to know very little about the film. Especially avoid trailers and teasers for a completely terrifying experience. This Hollywood film shocks us with the extreme gore and graphic presentation, which is enough to provide enough dose of horror.  

Available on: Disney+ Hotstar

3. Avatar: The Way of Water

Photo Credit: Instagram/avatar

James Cameron returned to big screens with his highly awaited film, Avatar: The Way of Water. Marking his comeback after 13 years, the newly developed underwater mo-cap technology surely brought the visual spectacle of Pandora’s oceanic side. Cameron’s technical wizardry sets the next level with hyper-realistic CGI that sparks the beauty of his filmmaking technique.  

The epic sci-fi feature excels in most of the way from its predecessor encasing action, emotion, and deep philosophical commentary depicting the horrors of colonialism. All credit goes to the VFX artist of Weta Digital (unsung heroes of The Way of Water) and Cameron’s creative vision for breathing life into the world of Pandora. 

The Hollywood sci-fi feature stars Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang in lead roles. James Cameron’s directorial movie is currently embarking on a gigantic box office run crossing the $1 billion dollar mark in just 14 days. 

2. The Batman 

Photo Credit: Instagram/thebatman

Matt Reeves kickstarted 2022 with a blast of mystery and action by one of the Greatest Detective to exist in any comic book series. Robert Pattinson starrer The Batman is the perfect take on the Cape Crusader’s vigilante journey focused on the younger side of Bruce Wayne, where his brutality carves out more of a vengeance side than a justice knight of Gotham City.

The DC superhero films take a darker and more serious take on the Hollywood side (talking about superhero-specific movies) minus the comedy and heavy CGI. Batmobile chase sequence in the interval with fiery background erupted with massive fan excitement. 

The Halloween-themed Batman movie pays homage to classic Hollywood features like Seven (1995), Halloween (1978), and Alfred Hitchcock masterworks. With the flawless performances of Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano, as well as Michael Giacchino’s thrilling BGM and Greig Farrell’s darker but incredibly stunning cinematography, this film makes its own place among Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

1. Top Gun: Maverick 

Photo Credit; Twitter/valkilmer

Tom Cruise’s aviation action-thriller sets off to the flying start creating a thunderstorm at the box office. Serving as a sequel to Top Gun (1986), this Hollywood film has dominated the cinema since its release ruling the hearts of critics and viewers. The practically shot breathtaking aircraft combat sequences merge us into the world of Top Gun.

All credit goes to Peter Craig and Justin Marks’s contribution to the story division under the superb directorial vision of Joseph Kosinski. The action drama was worth every second of the scene depicted on big screens that converted the cinema hall into an airbase. 

Clustering missiles, mayhem choreographed fighter jet sequences fused with top-notch performances by Tom Cruise, and the team manages to enthral us on every level. This feature was hailed as what Hollywood cinemagoers claim to be the golden era of the film industry.

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

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