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Top 5 Tech Careers to Pursue That Don’t Require Coding Skills 

Here is a list of the best IT jobs you can get without knowing code skills

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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INDIA: The tech industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, accounting for the majority of development factors in the country. In addition to generating employment, the sector is also important to the nation’s economic progress, making it a crucial aspect of a developing society.

Coding is not everyone’s cup of tea! Although coding is the backbone of the IT sector, not everyone wants to do it day-to-day. If you already have a full-time job and have other obligations, you might find it difficult to find the time to learn different programming languages thoroughly enough to work as a software engineer.

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As a result, many professionals believe their employment prospects are limited because they don’t have strong coding skills. 

That is untrue. If you’re interested in the cutting-edge tech industry but aren’t as enthusiastic about studying coding or programming, don’t worry—not all tech professions require you to be a master coder!

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The surge in tech jobs offers plenty of career options for tech grads that don’t require coding.

Here is a list of the top tech careers you can land without coding skills

1. UI and UX Engineer

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A tech career that doesn’t necessitate considerable coding is UX and UI engineering. In this capacity, UI/UX engineers aid companies in developing user-friendly products. Even though the two professions are different, engineers in both work together regularly.

User Interface Designer (UI)

User interface design, one of the most sought-after skills on LinkedIn in 2017, mostly entails using software to produce a user interface that is simple, effective, and appealing. For artists or graphic designers, it’s an excellent technology job option.

User Experience Designer (UX)

UX design may be for you if you excel at spotting and articulating a product’s advantages and disadvantages, comprehending user requirements, and combing through data. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the gratification of simplifying your consumers’ lives.

2 . QA Engineer

Testing the applications is the main responsibility of a quality assurance engineer or QA engineer. QA engineers can be divided into two groups: manual and automated. The QA engineer is in charge of performing several stages of testing after a feature has been created. The QA engineer carries out this testing to identify any potential software issues. For this task, heavy coding is not required.

Manual testing

Manual testing is the procedure in which QA analysts run tests individually and one at a time. Manual testing aims to find defects and feature problems before a software program goes online.

Automation testing

Testers set up frameworks and write test scripts to automate the user actions necessary for testing a website or app.

3. SEO/SEM Specialist 

Search engines are still important in light of the daily six billion+ queries conducted. Search engine optimization and marketing specialists are in charge of enhancing a website’s organic position and converting some of those searches into traffic that converts, making them another of LinkedIn’s most lucrative skills for 2017.

4 . Information Architect

The information architect is another technical function in this compiled list that does not require coding expertise. The primary duty of the information architect is to integrate the user interface and design disciplines. While enhancing the platform’s usability, they prioritise improving the user experience.

5 . Technical Writer

Knowing how to program might make you a better technical writer, depending on where you work. However, there is a tonne of technical stuff to write that is unrelated to coding, such as manuals, instructions, product press releases, and use cases.

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