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Toto Wolff Hopes FIA’s New Directive to Slow Down Red Bull

The directive restricts front and rear wing elements’ flexibility to gain performance

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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ITALY: Toto Wolff, the Mercedes team principal, expressed cautious optimism about the FIA’s new Technical Directive (TD018), aimed at tightening the regulations surrounding flexible aerodynamic elements in Formula 1 cars.

He hopes this directive will narrow the performance gap and potentially make Red Bull “half a second slower.” However, he maintains a realistic outlook on the situation.

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TD018, introduced by the FIA, will have a significant impact on teams that have exploited the flexibility of front and rear wing elements to gain an aerodynamic advantage. This directive is set to be fully enforced at the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix.

While Wolff cautiously awaits the outcome of this regulation change, he acknowledges that Mercedes still has ground to cover in their quest to catch up with Red Bull. He looks to McLaren and Aston Martin, Mercedes’ engine customers, for inspiration, as they made significant strides in performance during the season.

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Regarding Mercedes’ strategy for future improvements, Wolff emphasized the complexity of Formula 1 and the need to focus on multiple aspects of car performance. He added that the team believes that there’s a silver bullet that’s going to unlock more performance in the car.

As the Formula 1 community eagerly awaits the impact of TD018 at the Singapore Grand Prix, the competitive landscape may shift, but whether it will make Red Bull “half a second slower” remains to be seen. While Mercedes hopes for a closer race, they are currently trailing Red Bull in terms of performance.

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As the FIA’s TD018 directive takes centre stage, the motorsport world awaits eagerly to witness whether it will indeed bring about the desired balance among the teams or if Red Bull dominance will continue to prevail in the upcoming races.

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