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If We Have to Impact Our GDP Growth, We Need to Work with Women, Says Tripti Shinghal Somani

Tripti has a credential in chartered accounting and a master's degree in business law from the National Law School in Bangalore

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Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ show, “Smart Entrepreneurship Decoded” featured Tripti Shinghal Somani, CEO at KGS Advisors and founder of Womennovator. Her triumphs and milestones are so extensive that what she has accomplished consequently far may be attributed to someone in their 60s or 70s, yet for her, age is only a number that defines her profile as a high achiever.

All over Tripti’s quest, consistency and continuity remained essential

Tripti has a credential in chartered accounting and a master’s degree in business law from the National Law School in Bangalore. Her numerous pursuits and honors have unlocked her skills to such an extent that she now has a cultivated identity as a speaker. Her principles do not apply only to herself, as she speaks at numerous events and interacts with many government entities. Her accomplishments are an asset loaded with a great deal of work on the business side, particularly for women.

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Tripti’s notion of success is unique, which, of course, speaks volumes about her public persona. People’s success, according to her, can entail happiness, building an empire, or becoming a tycoon. The definition of success varies depending on who you ask. She describes herself as a success coach, which fits her persona admirably.

Sharing her success mantra, Tripti quotes, “First and foremost, discover what makes you successful, sometimes people are really battling to get the basics right. So, I think that’s a very significant and basic term: whatever makes you happy is something you understand over time as you mature, not at the age of 14, 16, 20, or 60.”

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“For me, empowering women and supporting women is what creates happiness, and I think that’s what success is for me,” she remarked.

Womennovater is a game-changer for all of India’s current female population

Tripti’s journey at Womennovater isn’t exactly a rocket science phenomenon; it’s a much more straightforward path to follow. The effort individuals put up with and the great suffering they underwent is one factor that distinguishes a multifaceted person from an ordinary person.

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Her journey began with a standard concept of holding events where women could meet accomplished mentors and learn about success stories. Still, she quickly realized that this was insufficient if she wanted to ensure that a 50-person audience, which represents 50 percent of India’s population, includes females.

“If we want to have a real impact on our GDP growth, we need to work with women, and working with women means not just conducting meetings with them once in a blue moon but actually being there, so we started something called incubation, which is similar to when a baby is born and the doctors send it to the incubator to be tested before handing it over to our mother so that everything is fine and you can go ahead and take it forward on your own, similarly, women today have a lot of ambition they are full of the energy they are more energetic,” she elaborated.

“Bringing funds and creating a fund is not a solution; bringing readiness is a solution, and that’s exactly what a Womennovater is doing today. “We are helping women get their website in place, get their social media strategy in place, get them the right network to get their first revenue in place, and get them the grant to accelerate, so these things are what drive them to drive Womennovator’s mission,” she continued.

Tripti’s work at Womennovater can be seen as a symbol of woman empowerment. Her relevance to establishing such an ambiance is tremendous. She briefs about herself while outlining her projects, which bear her goal of social service despite being a business person. She considers putting all of her attention into her business at times, but she wonders why she doesn’t really. Leaving aside all of it, one must remember her perseverance, which encompassed launching 100 women faces that set Asia records.

Discussing the ups and downs in her carrier, Tripti addresses, “Doing the right thing consists of people witnessing our motto. You mature quickly, and your intimate circle of friends and acquaintances does as well. Unacceptable events occur around you, and I believe this makes you feel bad since you are a human.”

“At such times, a message appears, rewarding you for your efforts. One message has the power to alter one person’s life,” she concluded.

Watch the whole interview here:

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