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Tunisha Sharma Suicide Case: Police to Present Sheezan Khan in Court Today

Khan was the co-actor and ex-boyfriend of Tunisha, who reportedly broke up with her 15 days ago

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INDIA. Mumbai: Television’s most promising young actor Tunisha Sharma’s death came as a shock to everyone as the leading character of ‘Ali Baba Dastaan-E-Kabul’ committed suicide on the sets. Sheezan Khan was detained by the Mumbai Police on charges of abetment of suicide.

Khan was the co-actor and ex-boyfriend of Tunisha, who reportedly broke up with her 15 days ago. Recently, Tunisha’s mother claimed that Sheezan was cheating on her and had multiple relationships with other women.

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Khan is currently under police custody and the court is extending his duration in jail as the probe is underway. Today, he will again be produced before the Vasai Killa Court. According to the cops, Khan had deleted his chat with a mysterious woman with whom he had spoken for two hours over call after Tunisha’s death.

He is also not cooperating with the investigation and trying to hide the loops. During the investigation, the police submitted a love letter in front of the court, in which Tunisha Sharma had written, “Sheezan <3 Tunisha. He is blessed to have me as a co-actor Woohoo !!!” 

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However, police haven’t recovered any suicide notes from the set in Vasai where Sharma took away her life They also doubt Khan was having an affair with a woman after breaking up with Sharma. 

As per the statement given by the police, “Sheezan Khan was in a relationship with Tunisha Sharma for the past 6-7 months after they started working together in a serial. Tunisha was very happy, but 15 days ago, Sheezan broke up with her. Due to this, Tunisha went into depression and also had a panic attack 10 days ago. On Saturday, she ended her life.” 

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The deceased actor was just 20 years old, survived by a mother and a sister. The mother of Sharma during a press conference claimed that Khan was trying to influence Tanisha and convening her to adopt Islamism. According to the mother, she used to call Khan’s mother by the name ‘Ammi’ and had been very close to Sehzaan’s family. 

She also revealed that before Tanisha committed suicide the male actor raised his hand upon her. She said, “Sheezan Khan insulted my daughter many times and hurt her with the breakup. Tunisha tried to explain her love to Sheezan Khan, but he didn’t want to listen to anything she said. He mentally harassed her which is why Tunisha committed suicide.”

Cops have also found the actress’s mobile phone which was completely damaged. Cops suspect that Sharma damaged it before taking her own life. The case is taking new twists every day thus, the court is extending custody for further vivid investigation.

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