Twitter Strengthens Its Security For US Election Candidates

Twitter takes vital security measures for high-profile accounts

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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UNITED STATES. Twitter has been vulnerable to security breaches and attacks for the longest time. It was a victim of the most significant hacks in the history of a social network in June. Many high profile twitter accounts were hacked in that month. Malicious activities were noticed in some of the hacked accounts. Twitter is now aiming to strengthen its security to avoid any kind of breach. Extra account protection for politicians and noted figures has been automatically activated by Twitter. This decision has been implemented by keeping the forthcoming US election in mind.

US elections and account safety provided by Twitter

A selected group of election-related accounts are required to make necessary changes in order to improve their account security. The main focus is now on the security of US elections. Twitter will be adding “proactive internal security safeguards” for a range of high-profile accounts.

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The election-related accounts which will get maximum security from Twitter include the executive branch, US governors and senates and Congress. Accounts of presidential campaigns, journalists, political parties and candidates will also get special security from Twitter.Twitter is locked in a battle against electoral misinformation in its platform. Thus, these steps are important for the safety of Twitter accounts

Preventive security measures being taken by Twitter

The Twitter hack in June saw some of the world’s famous celebrities account been hacked. The accounts of Bill Gates, Joe Biden and Kanye West were hacked in June. No major pieces of information were stolen from their accounts. However, the hacker just posted a simple tweet on the bitcoin scam. Surprisingly, US president Donald Trump’s account remained unaffected. This happened because the US president had extra security for his account.

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The election-related accounts will start receiving notifications on the Twitter app from this week.Necessary changes will be made in the user’s profile for maximum security. Twitter is setting some new rules to protect these accounts. The user will have to use a strong password for his account as per the new rules. However, the user will have to reset his password if the previous one fails to follow the Twitter guidelines.

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All the accounts will have a password reset protection by default. This step is a safety measure which will require the user to confirm their email address and password. before they reset their password.The user will be encouraged to enable the two-factor authentication in Twitter. But, it is not compulsory and its use solely depends upon the account holder.

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