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Twitter To ‘Fix’ New Redesign After Users Complained Of Headaches

Many have found Twitter’s new redesign confusing, hard to read and uncomfortably bright, especially those with accessibility needs

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Divya Dhadd
Divya Dhadd

Twitter is making changes to its new redesign that was unveiled only last week after users complained of headaches and discomfort.

Twitter is looking for a fix to its colour pallet and the new custom-designed font, Chirp after users complained its higher visual contrast was causing them pain. 

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Initially, the social network said the redesign “might feel weird at first” but would improve content consumption and clean up “visual clutter”.

“It’s smaller and denser now, which means I need to strain my eyes more to read,” one user wrote.

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Another said: “It is just impossible to read if one has a visual and/or processing impairment.”

The social media platform posted on its accessibility account it was ‘actively looking for a fix’ to the font, and that they found issues specifically with the font on Windows.

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‘Thanks for your patience and please let us know if you have additional feedback,’ the accessibility team wrote, adding they are working on a fix to the Windows issue.

Any new design often solicits a mixed response from users, with many getting used to or accepting it over time, unfortunately in this case users reported actual pain, through migraines, eyestrain and other issues, with many users simply asking for the choice to revert to the old font and colour pallet.

Accessibility campaigners say one size doesn’t fit all, and the biggest issue with changes like this is a lack of choice. 

Twitter user ‘Back in the Narrative’ said: ‘Accessibility is not one size fits all.’

They added: ‘These new features have made Twitter inaccessible for people with astigmatism and dyslexia (the new font), and colour-contrast and photosensitive migraines (the new colour scheme). Changes should be an OPTION, not default.’ 

Announcing the new font, in January, Twitter head of branding Derrit DeRouen said it had been designed, by Swiss type foundry Grilli, “to improve how we convey emotion and imperfection” – and the widely used standard typeface Helvetica was “not up for the job”.

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