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Ubisoft Introduces ‘Mousetrap’ to Catch Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters

Players mask their IP addresses and play with a PC on Console servers

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Rainbow Six Siege players can finally sigh in relief as Ubisoft, the game’s publisher, has found a new way to combat cheaters. 

Ubisoft adds Mousetrap as anti-cheat software

Tom Clancy’s game provides new anti-cheat software, Mousetrap. The software identifies players using spoofing tools and introduces real-time input lag into their game. 

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The input lag makes it more difficult for Rainbow Six Siege cheaters to aim and shoot with precision, forcing them to face the same frustration they have been inflicting on other players for so long.

Spoofing, which is the act of using a mouse and keyboard setup on console servers where everyone else uses a controller, has been a persistent problem in Rainbow Six Siege. 

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Cheaters often use another tool to change their IP address, making it almost impossible for game developers to identify them. Ubisoft has struggled to combat spoofers for a long time, and the company has finally found a solution. Mousetrap starts slowly, with barely noticeable input lag, but it ramps up with every match. 

Eventually, spoofers will face a significant disadvantage, and they won’t be able to keep up with other players. The new tool is a creative way to deal with cheaters, and it has already put a smile on many players’ faces.

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Ubisoft is confident that this new anti-cheat software will significantly reduce instances of spoofing, but only time will tell if cheaters can get around it. However, the company’s approach is more creative than the traditional ban wave. 

Instead of getting banned, cheaters will have to suffer the consequences of their actions in the form of input lag, which can be incredibly frustrating. The fact that spoofers won’t realize that they’re experiencing input lag until they’re a few games in is a delicious irony.

The Mousetrap will be deployed along with the start of Year 8 on March 7. The Year 8 update will also come with a new Operator Brava and Operation Commanding Force. 

The introduction of Mousetrap is excellent news for Rainbow Six Siege players who have been frustrated with the game’s cheating problem.

Ubisoft has shown that it is unwilling to let cheaters ruin the game for everyone else, and this new anti-cheat software is proof of that.

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