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UK PM Boris Johnson Resigns Under Duress: Conservative Party Collapses Due to Scandals, Defections and Resignations

32 British lawmakers, including Sunak, have left the ruling government

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UNITED KINGDOM: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned on Thursday after months of scandals, desertions by Cabinet ministers and other Union Ministers, plunging the Conservative Party-led government into a political crisis, threatening the political and economic security of the country, amidst the ongoing economic crisis and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Addressing the nation, Boris announced the untimely end to his time in office, while consistently maintaining his proud stance on his political achievements. The decision to step down emerges after his close aide and ally, Treasury Chief Nadhim Zahawi, told the PM to resign for the good of the country, AP reported.

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Johnson had been hanging on to the last days of power despite a string of allegations charged against him in the last few months. On Wednesday, Johnson stood his ground and refused to heed calls for his resignation, saying he felt his government and the country couldn’t lose a leader at a time of crisis. He argued that he had a mandate from the voters to continue his time in office.

On late Wednesday, after receiving backlash and taunts from his top ally and Cabinet Minister, Michael Gove, Johnson announced the premature dismissal of Gove from his office. Gove was reportedly one of the very first Cabinet members to confront Johnson about his resignation.

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Months of discontent and mutiny over Johnson’s ethics and political agenda within the governing party erupted with the critical resignations of Treasury chief Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid within a few minutes of each other.

At least 32 British lawmakers, including Sunak, have left the ruling government, over issues of losing faith in Boris’ candidature, news agency Reuters reported.

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