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UK PM Boris Johnson to Resign Today

An internal election will probably occur in the summer

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UNITED KINGDOM: British prime minister Boris Johnson has decided to step down amid an unprecedented departure of junior and senior ministers and mounting pressure on his leadership, the Associated Press reported Thursday afternoon.

Till the Conservative Party elects a new leader, Johnson is anticipated to continue serving as prime minister. An internal election will probably occur in the summer. The new President will begin his tenure in October. PM Johnson is expected to make a statement later today.

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Zahawi, who had been hired only 48 hours earlier and was considered by some to be Johnson’s prospective replacement, tweeted that Johnson should “do the right thing” and resign immediately. “Prime minister, you know in your heart what the right thing to do is, and go now.”

Earlier on Wednesday, Johnson fired his top ally and Levelling Up Secretary, Michael Gove. According to reports, Gove was one of the first Cabinet ministers to confront Johnson earlier on Wednesday and demand that he step down to benefit the Tory party and the nation.

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Gove’s rocky relationship with the PM emerged while working in close proximity on the Vote Leave campaign before he eventually derailed Johnson’s leadership agenda in 2016 and ran against him.

Gove’s untimely dismissal comes when Johnson’s time in office is saturated with scandals and resignations. Danny Kruger, a Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Department of Levelling Up, expressed his concerns, saying he was “very sorry” Mr Gove had been sacked, specifying that “it should be the PM leaving office.”

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At a crucial and critical time when Johnson faces a slew of controversial setbacks, hate comments and calls for resignation from within his own party as well, Johnson told senior MPs on the Commons Liaison Committee that it would be unfair for his people for their Prime Minister to “walk away” amid economic pressures and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis.

A No 10 source rejected speculation that Mr Johnson would voluntarily resign from office, saying the “PM fights on”.

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