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A Struggling Tale: The Inspiring Journey of Ukrainian Pianist Oksana Stechyshyn

From a young age, Oksana dreamt of becoming an artist despite her family's financial challenges

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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UKRAINE: In an inspiring interview with Transcontinental Times (TCT), renowned pianist Oksana Stechyshyn takes us on a journey through her life and the pursuit of her passion for music.

From a young age, Oksana dreamt of becoming an artist despite her family’s financial challenges. Through the unwavering support of her grandmother and her determination, she defied the odds and enrolled in a music school, eventually graduating from the conservatory in Lviv, Ukraine.

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Her motivation to pursue something different in life stemmed from her deep conviction that music is her way of connecting with the world. Through music, she can move, inspire, and touch the souls of people from all walks of life. This belief led her to overcome doubts and naysayers, even during challenging times such as war, which questioned the value of music. 

Oksana recognized the power of music in achieving catharsis and decided to pursue another degree in psychology to further contribute to the emotional well-being of others.

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Balancing her personal life with her profession has been made possible with the support of her husband, who shares her passion for music. While dedicated practice and commitment are vital to her success, she also cherishes moments of relaxation, friendship, and the vibrant Lviv coffee culture.

Throughout her journey, she dealt with difficulties by embracing a mindset of resilience and self-belief. She recognized the importance of staying true to oneself and not being swayed by societal expectations. Reflecting on her progress and growth inspired her to focus on her goals and maintain a healthy mindset.

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“In Ukraine, they say, “Fight, and you will conquer!” This is my life motto. I firmly believe that if a person truly wants something, they will achieve it. It’s crucial to truly know oneself and ask, “Do I really want this? Do I truly want this? Do I really want this?” The answers can vary. Society imposes many things on us, and amidst the noise of information overload, people forget how to listen to themselves,” Oksana said.

Her message to readers who aspire to do something different is self-acceptance, resilience, and authenticity. Oksana encourages them to tap into their hidden potential and embrace their uniqueness. She emphasizes that even in the face of challenges and self-doubt, they have the power to overcome and make a difference in the world. Finally, she urges everyone to explore the beauty of classical music, especially the rich repertoire of Ukrainian classical compositions.

“If you think you can’t, that’s not true; you can. If you think it’s a hopeless situation, remember: even if you’re cornered, you still have two ways out. If you feel like crying, go ahead and cry. It’s okay to be weak, tired or devastated because you’re human. And that’s beautiful. Don’t be afraid to be yourself; open up to the world, and the world will open up to you,” Oksana continued.

Through her remarkable journey and unwavering passion for music, this talented pianist serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us all to pursue our dreams and make a meaningful impact in our unique ways.

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