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Unrest in Haiti Intensifies the Misery as Homes Run Out of Water

As a result, businesses that regularly transport water to the city were slowed down or stopped

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HAITI: Eyewitnesses reported that thousands of Haitians were without water on Saturday as an impending storm added to the country’s dire situation. Days of protest had all but stopped distribution, they said.

This week, some Port-au-Prince citizens were compelled to take refuge at home as gunfire erupted and burning tires clogged roadways during demonstrations over fuel price increases and violence. 

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As a result, businesses that regularly transport water to the city, where daily highs have been 34 degrees Celsius, were slowed down or stopped.

Many took advantage of an expected half-day truce to rush to distribution centres to stockpile a few days’ supplies of water and cooking gas, which had also run short in many places.

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Tropical storm Fiona’s fears contributed to the haste to fetch water. According to the forecasters, the Dominican Republic, which is located east of Hispaniola island, was predicted to get the storm’s strongest rainfall.

Fork National resident Jean-Denis Sévère said that people had to walk far distances to fill buckets and bottles and haul them back to their homes.

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The most recent turmoil in Haiti occurred when gang violence killed hundreds and drove thousands of people from their homes, and inflation had risen to its highest level in ten years.

A citizen of Port-au-Prince named Richardson Adrien said that the shortage of drinkable water was just the most recent issue. In recent months, locals have also had trouble finding fuel, which has prevented some of them from working.

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