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Uorfi Javed’s Black Striped Bikini Raises the Temperature, Check the Photos inside

Paparazzi's all-time favourite, the seductive Uorfi, is an experimental fashion influencer

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INDIA: Uorfi Javed, the bold, valiant, and dynamic television actor, is the new internet sensation. Her clothing sense is unique and out-of-this-world.

In her latest Instagram post, she is seen wearing a breathtaking black striped bikini with a multicolored transparent cover.

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Paparazzi’s all-time favourite, the seductive Uorfi, is an experimental fashion influencer who has taken the internet by storm.

Fashion and fitness influencer Sakshi Dwivedi applauded Javed’s new post and posted a comment by writing, “My Gorgeous doll”.

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The glam girl of tinsel town, always keeps her fashion game on point. However, her constant new transformation is making headlines.

The glamorous actor has achieved the limelight in a concise period of time, and now there are very few people left who don’t acknowledge Uorfi’s charm.

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Recently, the fashionista got into a social media fight with tv actor Chahatt Khanna. But, Uorfi shut every negative comment that came her way.

Chahatt, in her post, directly targeted Uorfi and asked about her marriage, to which the social media star gave back to Khanna and stated that she doesn’t want to marry anyone. She loves herself and does everything that her heart desires.

Besides being popular among youngsters, Uorfi is also getting recognized among popular Bollywood stars.

Recently, in KJo’s chat show, Ranbir Singh recognized Uorfi’s fashion sense and said, “It would be a nightmare for Uorfi if she ever repeats her outfits”.

It seems the big screen is not so far from Uorfi. Moreover, every fame comes with a cost, and the glam doll has to pay the worth of it. Anupamaa actor Sudhanshu Pandey had expressed his anger on social media, reacting to Uorfi’s topless Diwali photos.

Lashing Pandey, the Meri Durga famed actor said it’s a orthodox mentality and Anupamaa actor must watch his show focusing on women empowerment.

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