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UP Police Fails to Load Bullets During a Surprise Inspection, Opposition Party Mocks

The video of the inspection went viral over the internet, which shows the SI struggling to insert a bullet

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INDIA: Uttar Pradesh’s Kotwali Khalilabad police station conducted a flabbergasting inspection where UP cops were asked to load their rifles. However, some failed the impromptu test.

As per reports, the Inspector-general of police (IG), Basti Mandal, and RK Bhardwaj policemen gave a demo of loading bullets, but shockingly a sub-inspector (SI) failed to load and open fire. 

Opposition party uploaded the video of UP Police on Twitter

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The video of the inspection went viral over the internet, which shows the SI struggling to insert a bullet and ended up inserting the pellet from the rifle’s hose. The on-duty civilians were unable to open fire, whereas the outpost in charge failed to operate the tear gun, even after repeated attempts.

Immediately, the Akhilesh Yadav-led Samajwadi Party shared the video on Twitter, lashed at Yogi Adityanath’s governance, calling it an act of incompetence of the UP police.

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The party took to their official Twitter handle and wrote, “Yogi ji’s police don’t even know how to load a gun! UP police inserting bullet through the barrel of the gun, ignorance at its peak.”

“The SI of undisciplined police of the BJP government who harass poor and innocent people don’t even know how to use a gun. Shameful. Will such policemen make the police force better,” the party added.

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Meanwhile, IG Bhardwaj brought attention to the importance of practising and training for emergencies. He further instructed the police personnel to continue their training in case of emergency and for unexpected deployments.

However, the sudden inspection revealed some triggering issues. It directly calls for the proficiency of the police officers at the Kotwali Khalilabad station. Law enforcement officers should be properly trained and prepared to face any situation to offer security to the common people and protect their communities.

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