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US Military To Help Mozambique In Fighting Insurgents

The training by the US Army will help the Mozambique force to be more equiped in dealing with insurgency

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Godfrey Maotcha
Godfrey Maotcha
Born and grew up in Blantyre Malawi. Worked for the Guardian ( local newspaper) and Montfort Media for six years. A print and online media house. Currently lives in Lilongwe Malawi

MOZAMBIQUE. Maputo: US Special Operations Forces will train Mozambique’s Marines for two months to fight against the Jihadist insurgency in the North-Eastern Cabo Delgado province.

The United States Embassy in Maputo made this disclosure in March.

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Armed groups, known locally as Al-Shabab meaning ‘young people’ in Arabic, have been causing trouble for more than three years in the province of Cabo Delgado, a strategic area which borders Tanzania and is an area that is rich in natural gas.

In 2019, they pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

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“In addition to the training, the US government provided medical and communications equipment,” the Embassy said.

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The Embassy further added that the American Armed Forces who will partake in the program called “Joint Combined Exchange Training” are already in Mozambique.

The move comes as the US designated rebel groups in Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo as foreign terrorist organisations.

The conflict reached a symbolic turning point at the end of December with attacks carried out for the first time just a few kilometers from a multibillion-Euro gas project operated by the French oil and gas company Total.

Attacks have reduced considerably in the last few months, which is attributed to increased military response.

The Human Rights group Amnesty International on March 2 accused the forces and mercenaries from Mozambique of “war crimes” for indiscriminately killing civilians during their struggle against the Jihadist group in Cabo Delgado.

However, the army refuted the accusations.

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A Regional Crisis

The conflict in Mozambique has left at least 2,600 dead, more than half of them civilians, according to the NGO ACLED.

More than 670,000 people from Mozambique have been forced to flee their homes, according to the United Nations.

“Civil protection, human rights, and community involvement are at the heart of American cooperation and are essential to effectively combat ISIS in Mozambique,” the United States said in a press statement.

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