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US House Passes Bill to Protect Same-Sex Marriage

This bill primarily focuses on protecting LGBTQ rights for their welfare

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UNITED STATES: US House of Representatives passed the Respect for Marriage Act or Same-sex marriage bill on July 20. The historic win came to light after the abortion access bill was passed. 

The Act of same-sex marriage passed in a 267-157 vote, with 47 Republicans joining all Democrats in support of the measure. This bill primarily focuses on protecting LGBTQ rights for their welfare. Forty-seven House Republicans have shown their support to the bill. 

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The House approved the legislation last week to safeguard abortion access. Another bill that will open up access to contraceptive services is now pending.

A sponsor of the bill, Jerry Nadler, talks about marriage equality and says, “reaffirm that marriage equality is and must remain the law of the land”, “All married people who are building their lives together must know that the government will respect and recognize their marriages for all time.”

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 In the context of same-sex marriage, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas gave a statement: “You’ve got a ton of people who have entered into gay marriages, and it would be more than a little chaotic for the court to do something that somehow disrupted those marriages that have been entered into in accordance with the law.”

Republican delegate Nancy Mace of South Carolina gave her full support to the gay community by saying: “If gay couples want to be as happily or miserably married as straight couples, more power to them.” 

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Same-sex marriage is no crime if both persons agree to spend their entire lives with each other. They indeed should get the right amount of liberty and protection against any delinquency. 

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