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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Former Head of Venezuela Military Intelligence Extradited from Spain to US over Drug Charges

Carvajal will have an initial court appearance either on Wednesday or, more likely, on Thursday

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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SPAIN/VENEZUELA: Hugo Carvajal, the former head of Venezuela’s military intelligence, has left Spain in accordance with a High Court extradition decision, according to his attorney and a court source, who spoke to the UK media on Wednesday. Carvajal is wanted by the US on drug trafficking accusations.

Zach Margulis-Ohnuma, Carvajal’s attorney, stated that his client is anticipated to arrive in the United States later in the day. It is likely that Carvajal will have an initial court appearance either on Wednesday or, more likely, on Thursday.

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On Tuesday, the Spanish court issued a prompt extradition order for Carvajal following the rejection of his final appeal by the European Court of Human Rights the previous week to avoid being sent to the United States.

Carvajal, also known as ‘El Pollo’ (The Chicken), held a significant position as Hugo Chavez’s trusted military advisor in Venezuela for over ten years. Since his arrest in Madrid in September 2021, he has been in Spanish custody.

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In 2020, the United States made accusations of drug trafficking against Carvajal and over a dozen other prominent Venezuelan officials, including President Nicolas Maduro.

Carvajal has categorically denied any involvement in aiding the trafficking of cocaine into the United States of America.

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