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Thursday, June 8, 2023

West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Slams BJP for Deliberately Planting Communal strife in Bengal

On Monday, the six-member fact-finding Committee in WB said in its interim report that the riots during Ram Navami procession were "pre-planned, orchestrated and instigated"

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INDIA. West Bengal: Mamata Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal, erupted in rage at the fake information spreading on social media against her government. Recently, various cities in Bengal witnessed blood-shedding streets, on the occasion of Ram Navami, as inter-communal conflicts took over peace. The Bengali government refused to acknowledge any shortcomings in their leadership. Instead, they blamed the BJP for the issues in Bengal. 

The Bengal Chief, in a big statement, accused the ruling party of all the disruption in her state. She said, “The Ram Navami violence issue is sub-judice, and so I will not comment much on it. But whatever has happened in Bengal over the past week, the BJP has done it intentionally and deliberately. All the planning for the violence was done at the BJP office a month before Ram Navami. What is the need for a fact-finding team when normalcy has been restored?” She confidently blamed the BJP for “deliberately and intentionally” spinning communal strife in Bengal for their political benefit. 

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The TMC minister further added on, saying, “The BJP is sending fact-finding teams to incite even more violence after the situation has been brought under control. All one needs to do is see the type of speeches made by them (the BJP leaders).” The left party leader also stated that the central agency had already submitted its report to the Calcutta High Court. 

“Several people have been propagating fake news since Sunday. I will not allow hate speech. I will accept criticism against me. But there will be action against hate speech,” she added.

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Banerjee has asked Kolkata Police Commissioner Vineet Goyal to act against a photoshopped social media image of “I Love Keoratala Crematorium”. Talking about it, she said, “This is not fake, it is hate.” 

On the other hand, Mamata also pointed out the issue of carrying firearms during a religious procession! The CM mentioned that the organizers of the Ram Navami procession took the police permission to bring out the procession during the lunch hours, but the BJP deliberately took out the rally when the Muslims were offering their namaz. 

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She asked, “Why were those in the procession dancing with arms? What was the need for arms in a religious procession? All the men who were part of the rally were from outside Bengal, some were from Bihar’s Munger. People from Bengal stay together, they are not rioters, they are cultured people.”

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