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West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee Set Regulations amid Durga Puja Celebration 

Banerjee said that the state must take preventative steps for traffic flow and pedestrian safety

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INDIA. West Bengal: At the Sreebhumi Sporting Club’s opening ceremony, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee set severe guidelines for government employees. The CM makes sure that the celebrations of Durga Puja run smoothly.

Banerjee made it clear in her address to the Durga Puja committees that the state must take preventative steps for traffic flow and pedestrian safety. 

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The West Bengal Fire and Emergency Services Minister and Sujit Bose, the president of the Sreebhumi Sporting Club, were the recipients of Mamata Banerjee’s original message. “Puja committees must ensure that vehicular and pedestrian movements do not face too many obstructions or hassles,” the chief minister wrote on a dotted note.

“Last year, curtains had to be drawn on Sribhoomi Puja on the day of Ashtami, as the place went choc-a-bloc for days with revellers from far and wide turning up to take a look at the Burj Khalifa-themed Durga puja marquee”. 

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He further added, “I will monitor the situation from home. Hence, my action will be prompt and swift. Being the minister, I am sure you will certainly see to it that celebrations don’t cause inconvenience to other people.” 

The Tala Park Pratyay, another award-winning puja pandal in the city, was the second venue for the Bengal party chief’s second inauguration after Salt Lake’s FD block.

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 Meanwhile, WBPCB Member Secretary Rajesh Kumar said, “Police stations have been asked to cross-check with the electricians contracted by the puja committees concerned about whether loudspeakers and sound boxes are fitted with sound limiters before they are installed near the puja pandals. Special safety measures have been taken to prevent ignorance and possibilities of flaws during the ongoing puja process. Keeping the sound pollution in mind.”

WBPCB Chairman Kalyan Rudra said, “The board is doing everything possible to stop the playing of loud music during immersions and puja days by the organisers.”

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